International Balls – The Truth

Overseas balls have acquired a cult following in recent years. But what makes them so special? They’re round just like any other ball. They can knock down ten pins just as effectively as any other Storm piece. Slightly different names and colors, though. And in Storm’s case, they smell pretty good most of the time. The number of calls and emails we receive asking for more info or how to obtain these international releases is staggering. To interpret their surge in popularity we need to take a closer look at just what they are and what they mean to the rest of the world.

We techies commonly refer to overseas balls as “private labels” or “OEMs” (original equipment manufacturer) – balls that are produced by one company (Storm) but are marketed by another company (overseas distributors).

The international market is significantly different than the US market for several reasons. The primary reasons are differences in customs, sales, and etiquette. For example, in the United States, if a bowler does well with a particular type of ball, it’s not uncommon to find several of the same balls in a league, or even on the same ball return rack. Word of mouth travels fast where we are. International etiquette is significantly different. For example, if one bowler is doing well in a league or tournament with a particular ball, it is bad form to copy that bowler and buy the same ball. As such, if you are the bowler with the ball, you have an advantage. But if you are the bowler without the ball, you are at a disadvantage. I have experienced this firsthand in my travels all across Japan. Therefore, many of our international balls are almost identical to the standard US release with very small variations, if any. The primary differences are simply the colors, logos, and surface finishes. Otherwise, they are USBC approved with very little difference in reaction or performance compared with what is currently available in our product line.

Another key difference is international distributors are usually exclusive to a particular brand. Many of our international dealers only sell Storm brand name products and equipment. As such, they need a larger selection of equipment to sell because they don’t have the same variety available to them since they choose not to associate with any of the other major international brands. Whereas in the US, all of the local distributors have equipment available for sale from any of the major brands. Hence, our product line needs to be expanded for our international customers since they can only sell so many of a particular ball before the market is “saturated”. Storm will release around a dozen balls per year domestically whereas close to 100 different balls get sent to international waters every year. Again, the major differences most of the time are simply cosmetic, with the occasional exception of a core/weight block design whose rights are owned by a certain international distributor that grants them exclusive rights to that shape.

Given these reasons listed above, many of our international partners ask for contractual rights to a particular ball and for a limited quantity. Storm typically runs these exclusive balls only one time and sells them all directly to the distributor that placed the order; sometimes in runs of only a few hundred. Occasionally, a few balls return from the international market to the local market via travelers or returning military, but this number is very low and availability is definitely limited. Once they get poured here in Brigham City, Utah they leave shortly thereafter.

Despite being well-nigh similar in performance to our standard lineup, private label balls undoubtedly turn the heads of many for those lucky enough to pick one up. Be prepared to shell out a few bucks, however. It’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to pay $300+ for one of these rarities. No matter what kind of ball you decide to toss, just be sure that it has that good lookin’ Storm logo on it somewhere!


23 thoughts on “International Balls – The Truth

  1. International balls look so much better? They have more style and pop ! Why can’t one just order from Storm , I only buy Storm or Roto products, I know they are great

  2. Has the storm though about putting the optimum core with the nano cover stock? I love my optimism solid and my hi road nano and would love to see the optimism core in the nano cover stock. That would be a ball !

      1. A long time ago storm had a ball with a very small but very dense core. The sun storm. The ball felt lighter than it weigh, and would rev up like crazy. Will you ever bring that core back

  3. One thing I always want from storm balls is more variety in style while still maintaining that storm performance. Why can’t we purchase them?

    1. Thanks for your question James. We do have special orders for our international customers but keep in mind that they are distributors so sometimes you can indeed find these OEM balls on eBay and other retail sites. Best of luck!

      1. I just like the belmo clear balls think they are awesome. But not paying $600 to ship to me from Japan

  4. Hi, I have recently retired to Vietnam and wanted to know who are the Storm dealers/distributors here if there are any?

  5. I get that most of the international releases are copycats of worldwide release, but what about balls like the Phaze Frenzy and Master Soniq? Both of those Are different combinations of ball and cover from the originals that could fix the problems that some bowlers had with the original. Why not let us order the ball from the factory instead of making us go to eBay? These balls could be great in the states if we had the chance to get them

  6. The Phaze Frenzy and Master Soniq would be great balls to be released in the states. Why not produce them for the states and give the states a chance to use them. I understand the customs and need for redesigns of current balls for Japan, but seeing different combinations of cover+core that we don’t have doesn’t make sense.

  7. I’d like to see a storm retro rerelease of the el nino line as well as the la nina my two favorites was el Nino wrath and the la nina #stormnation

  8. Been searching all over for the virtual tour X but seems impossible to find it. help!

  9. I just like the belmo clear balls think they are awesome. But not paying $600 to ship to me from Japan

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