Lucky Larsen Masters Begins in Sweden

“Lucky Larsen” may just be a nickname for Martin Larsen but this summer it took on new meaning for this Team Storm player.

In August, Larsen traveled to the United States to compete in the PBA Chesapeake Open. He and fellow Team Storm player, Fran Louw went to get some dinner and see some sights when he was struck by a vehicle in the middle of an intersection. Martin spent a few nights in the hospital and received 59 stitches in his left arm while being treated for a broken left wrist, a broken rib, and various other injuries.

Through everything he truly felt lucky to be alive and that his injuries weren’t worse.

It’s been about a month since the accident and Martin has been busy recovering and helping the tournament team prepare for the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters event in Sweden.

The cast on his wrist will be removed this week, the injuries on his arm are healing quickly and the stitches are completely gone. His focus now is ensuring his broken rib and soreness in his back continue to improve. He says those are feeling better with every day that passes. Larsen truly feels lucky that it wasn’t worse.

Though healing his injuries has been his main priority, he’s also been focused on helping the tournament officials prepare for the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters in Sweden. The idea for the Lucky Larsen Masters event was created by two bowling center proprietors, Daniel Rönnbäck and Hampus Torstensson who wanted to help promote bowling in Sweden with a great tournament. At the time, two Sweden bowlers, Martin and Jenny Wegner were having a great year on the lanes. Wegner had won the World Cup and Larsen was leading the World Bowling Tour (WBT) Rankings.

Rönnbäck and Torstensson reached out to Larsen to share their idea to create a new bowling event.

“I was very happy about it until they said they like to name it after me… then I had to think about it for a while,” Larsen said. “It felt strange but they convinced me that it would be a big thing. So I told them if I can be the one to look over the sport part of it and they the other organization…then let’s do it!!”

After two successful events in Malmö the 2019 event is moving to Helsingborg. Moving the event around allows bowlers to explore more of Sweden and share bowling news with more of the European bowling community.

In 2019, the event is excited to add a Swedish League Match between Team Pergamon and a World Team to promote bowling and raise money for #bowlarebrysig (Bowlers Care). They’ve sold over 200 tickets and are raising money to support the fight against cancer. The all-star team is fielded by 8 players from all around the world and they will face Team Pergamon, a well-known team in Europe. Fans will cheer on their favorite players and raise money throughout the entire event.

Storm Lucky Larsen Masters will host around 330 bowlers over the course of the event. Each qualifying round is a 6-game block and players have the opportunity to re-enter. 52 athletes will advance to the cashers round. Scoring will be posted online throughout the entirety of the tournament at and there will also be a livestream where fans can follow their favorite players all week long.

Storm Products is proud to be a sponsor of this great event and we’re honored that Martin has chooses to be a member of the Storm Team. We’re looking forward to seeing who will take home the title at the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters event.

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