Axiom 6 Ways

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(Yes, we play bowling, too)




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“I drilled it like my favorite IQ Tour and Phaze II. This ball definitely picked up stronger through the mid-lane and had more energy off the spot than my Phaze II. As I moved deeper into the pattern, it continued to shape off the back and roll through the pins like no other.”

-Hank Boomershine, VP Sales/R&D




“This is the strongest and smoothest symmetrical I have ever rolled. It is definitely going to be the new benchmark symmetrical ball coming out of my bag. The Phaze II has been one of my favorite symmetricals for the past 4 years and this new Axiom cover/core combination is even stronger and more predictable.”

-Alex Hoskins, R&D Manager




“The Axiom gives me a motion in heavy oil that I like to see.  Its strong enough to cut through the heavy oil but doesn’t go sideways when the ball finds friction. This will be something I use on flatter patterns with heavier volume oil. A must have for a bowler that encounters different lane conditions.”

Matt Martin, Senior Designer





“This ball is SICK! As a player with high speed, the combination of the new NeX coverstock and Orbital weight block allows me to still play in the oil without the ball over skidding. This ball will certainly be the new benchmark ball in my bag!”

-Kendle Miles, Technical Service Representative




“It’s a fantastic, high-end ball that allowed me to play more in the oil without seeing the extra skid or glide that leads to poor pin carry. This ball gave me a shape like my favorite ball, the Phaze 2, but with more overall hook and motion!”

-Steve Kloempken, VP Marketing





“I’ve never seen (or rolled) a solid ball that creates this much angle on the backend. I can be literally anywhere from first arrow to seventh arrow and not worry about the ball fizzling out too soon. That fact, combined with all the mid-lane I can handle, makes this an instant staple in my bag.”

-Chad McLean, Technical Director




 Storm employs a full-time, responsive technical team ready to answer any questions you have about the Axiom or any other Storm product. Please call (800) 369-4402 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm MST) or send an email to (anytime).

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