Storm is known in the bowling industry as the innovation leader and manufacturer of performance bowling products but our entire team strives to grow the sport of bowling and create life-long bowling enthusiasts.

Our owners, Bill and Barbara Chrisman generously give back to organizations within and outside of the bowling community throughout the year. Their kindness and willingness to support others is something that all employees embrace within the company.One way that Storm chooses to give back is through sponsorship of tournaments and events that occur all around the world. Storm sponsors hundreds of events throughout the year that give bowlers of all ages and skill levels the opportunities to compete and meet friends from different places.

Throughout the year we will feature different events and tournaments that Storm Products sponsors so that you can learn more about these groups and even add them to your calendar.

Our first featured event is the Elite Youth Tour (EYT). Storm Products has been the sponsor of this tournament group since the very first event in 2012. The EYT was founded by Team Storm Players, Diandra Asbaty and Jason Belmonte. Asbaty and her team have dedicated countless hours and spent many weekends traveling to give these youth athletes the opportunity to earn substantial scholarship money while building experience to compete at large-scale tournaments.

“For me, I built this tour with the goal in mind to create leaders through bowling,” Asbaty said. “I had all the tournaments that I grew up bowling that prepared me to be a professional bowler in my mind as I created this tour. At the same time, it’s not just a place to become a great bowler. I want to teach these young bowlers to have impact in the world.”

Asbaty who has had a very successful career on the lanes competed collegiately at the University of Nebraska where they earned the National Championship in 1999 and 2001. She was awarded the 2001 Collegiate Player of the Year. She was a 15-time member of Team USA and 2-time member of Junior Team USA earning numerous gold medals all around the world. She has also earned 1 PWBA Major title and a 2-time PBA Women’s Series Champion. Asbaty uses her experiences and what she has learned to try to teach the next generation of bowlers what it takes to be a successful collegiate athlete and encourage their dreams to be a professional athlete.


“Showing them that they can do it is important to me,” Asbaty said. “I knew how to bowl but didn’t know how to do it for a living. I want to teach kids that there is no idea too big. It starts somewhere and they can figure it out along the way.”

Members of the EYT are committed to developing the skills they need to excel in life and in bowling. These young bowlers travel from all over the Midwest to shoe up to compete in tournaments throughout the bowling season.

“I think about the first time I bowled a MJMA” Asbaty said. “It was never on a house shot. The tournament director would go out with an oil spray gun to spray the lanes and that was the pattern. It was frustrating and it was hard. You had to tuck in your shirt, and you had to wear a belt. I want them to bowl in a tournament with rules and to prepare them to bowl like a professional.”

Many EYT players who succeed on the conditions that Asbaty puts out each month go on to a very successful career on the lanes.

Some all-star athletes include:

  • Brandon Biondo – Team USA
  • Karina Capron- U12 Junior Gold Champion
  • Paige Kraushaar – SFA National Champion, All American
  • Ryan Zagar – JR.Team USA
  • Jordan Newham – Vanderbilt National Champion
  • Ryan Winters – Jr. Team USA
  • Nick Kruml – Jr. Team USA, PBA member
  • Taylor Bailey – National Champion – McKendree, All American
  • Giselle Poss – PWBA, All American
  • AJ Chapman: Collegiate Standout, PBA Pro
  • Mabel Cummins: Youth World Champion, Junior Team USA, Vanderbilt, Alberto E Crowe Star of Tomorrow
  • Jillian Martin: Youngest to cash in PWBA event. Junior Team USA
  • AJ Johnson: PBA Regional Pro,
  • Zach Rhoades- Wichita State
  • Abigail Starkey- Junior Gold U12 TV Show 2019
  • Gianna Brandolino- Junior Gold U12 Runner Up 2019
  • Brandon Caruso- Junior Gold U15 TV Show 2019
  • Cameron Crowe – EYT Bowler of the Year 2018 and made Junior Team USA, Adult Team USA and won the National Amateur Championship in 2020

“When I watch the kids succeed at events like the SYC or Junior Gold, I know the EYT made a difference,” Asbaty said. “It is the reason I make them struggle on the tough patterns because it helps them get to the end.”

Most recently, Asbaty says she felt so much pride watching current EYT athlete, Cameron Crowe, win the National Amateur Championships and qualify for Team USA n January. He is the first current EYT athlete to qualify for the adult team.

“Watching Cameron have the confidence to bowl and win against the pros and then go on to make Team USA just fills me up with pride,” Asbaty said. “He has no idea what kind of inspiration he is to the younger generation – and he’s not even 20 years old yet!”

Asbaty is certain that there are more current EYT bowlers who are on their way to a successful career in the sport of bowling. That’s one reason that she puts an emphasis on preserving the history of the tour especially

through photographs. She believes capturing the photos of future champions as young bowlers competing in their first event is essential. It’s also a fun photo to use as a comparison of then and now.

“You don’t always see everyone competing when they are little,” Asbaty said. “It’s a long process to get there. Seeing these kids grow in front of my eyes every month on and off the lanes makes it all worth it.”

In addition to trophies the champions and those that place are awarded scholarships. In 61 events, Asbaty has awarded $209,759 in scholarship funds.

“Kids get to use this amount of money for their future,” Asbaty said. “Beyond the scholarship that helps them get to college, showing them at a young age that they can make a difference in the world. That’s pretty powerful. I couldn’t do it without the support of the sponsors”

In addition, the EYT is a 501c3 nonprofit that focuses on creating positive youth development and leadership skills utilizing the sport of bowling. The donations contributed throughout the year support the events and activities that allow these young people to prepare for their future. If you are interested in donating, please click here.

“I’ve always been in it to try to help people and to support them along the way. It’s just been my calling. To be able to use this sport as a way of helping other people makes me so proud. I just know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing in bowling. I’m making a difference and that is what matters to me.”

Asbaty is always searching for new service activities to introduce to her EYT athletes. In 2020, she has introduced a Mentor Program. She will pair up U20 bowlers with U12 bowlers so that these older players can mentor the younger ones. Her goal is to give the younger athletes tips, things to watch out for at the upcoming event, tricks to do when you feel defeated, and advice for bowling on sport patterns. They will also follow up after the event.

“The goal is to prepare them for their future on and off the lanes,” Asbaty said. “Most recently, I don’t think I’m an overly emotional person but when I gave Mabel her the last trophy she won, her 25th title, I cried. I was filled with the memories of her bowling the tournament as a young girl and not being a champion yet and getting so frustrated. I was so proud of the person she has become. Not just a great bowler but truly an ambassador for the sport. Creating young people that work hard and do the right things like Mabel has always been the intent of the EYT.”

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