Electrify Hybrid vs Electrify Pearl

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Storm is always looking to create top tier performance through the entire product line, from top to bottom. Performance should have no limitations, and with the new Electrify Pearl and Electrify Hybrid my expectations have been exceeded. In recent years, we are seeing bowlers with more rev rate and power than ever before. This equates to oil patterns breaking down and starting to transition much quicker. Staying ahead of lane transition carries more weight now; something bowlers haven’t experienced much in the past. Therefore, having the right ball to keep up with ever-changing lane conditions is a necessity.

Launch Speed: 18.5 mph

RPM: 490

Tilt: 11

Rotation: 55°

PAP: 4 ¾ x ½ Up

Layout Used for Test: 4 x 3 x 1 ½ 

Surface Used on Both Balls: 1500-Grit Polish

Oil Patterns: Beaten Path, 41’, 1:4.04, 24.25 mL; Boardwalk, 35′, 1:2.16, 28.25 mL

The Test:

For the comparison test, I decided to use two patterns to demonstrate the differences between these balls. Patterns used are Kegel’s 41’ Beaten Path and 35’ Boardwalk. For the parameters of the test I threw a total of 25 shots on SPECTO with each ball on the both patterns. With the data collected from SPECTO, I was able to average the results and create motion paths for each ball. Both balls were finished at 1500-grit polish which is the out of the box finish.

41ft Pattern test results:

When comparing these balls, the first aspect that stands out is how much overall hook these balls created while maintaining a high percentage of pin carry. The Electrify Pearl immediately gave me a look and feel that was comfortable and suited my eye quite well. I found myself unable to put this ball down, while quickly fell in love the overall performance on this 41’ Beaten Path pattern. Even with the laydown being about an arrow deeper and creating 1.2 more degree of launch angle, the Electrify Hybrid was able to maintain a consistence motion while achieving great carry through the pins.

35ft Pattern Results:

The 35’ Boardwalk pattern really allowed the Electrify Hybrid to shine. This ball reached the epitome of versatility. This is a testament to the new low RG Circuit Core. On this demanding 35’ pattern, I was able to create 4-6 boards of area down lane. The Reactor hybrid coverstock was a key component in providing the smooth, predictable, rounded motion I needed to find a repeatable line. I am looking forward to adding weapon to my bag as for the shorter and flatter patterns.


Every bowler has their favorite go-to ball, knowing that no matter what the circumstances are they have the confidence to find the pocket. I can say with assurance, I have found mine. The best part is that it comes in a pearl and hybrid. These two balls are going to be the 1-2 punch that I have been looking for to round out my arsenal. Throughout the comparison test I kept asking myself, “Are you sure these balls are in the HOT line?” The performance of these balls are unreal for the price point. As lanes start to breakdown and I start to move my feet left and balling down, I have no doubt in my mind the Electrify Pearl and Electrify Hybrid will provide the ideal reaction and the carry I need to continue striking longer.

Highlights from the test:

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