BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – While the Indy 500 started their qualifying rounds, athletes who traveled from 33 states arrived to showcase their talents at the Storm Youth Championships in Indianapolis. A total of 297 athletes were split between two 80-lane facilities for a two-day competition.

The youth athletes competed in four five-game rounds on four different Kegel patterns in six different divisions determined by gender and age (U18 Boys, U18 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U12 Boys, U12 Girls Divisions) for a national title and a portion of the $24,160 scholarship fund.

The Royal Pin Entertainment Family and their wonderful staff at Expo Bowl and Western Bowl helped to create a welcoming environment for all the participants. At the end of the event, six smiling youth athletes collected SYC titles and 12 athletes were named to the 2020 Storm All-American Team.

“In a year when the world has embraced digital networks, we believe that bowling, the original social network, will continue to find ways to adapt, build new friendships and connect communities. We have been able to observe this at the Storm Youth Championships,” Gary Hulsenberg, Vice President of Business Development said. “Families choose to attend the SYC to allow their youth athletes to compete, learn, and come together to support a great charity in a safe environment.”

The U12 athletes bring energy to the lanes as they learn and grow. Sofia DeLuccia of Michigan earned the U12 girls title while Matteo Quintero of Tennessee captured the U12 boys title. Though these two players have competed in other SYC events, they stayed consistent earning a medal in each block to collect their first SYC titles in Indianapolis.

The U15 division at the SYC always features young talented players who strive to improve their skills and absorb as much information as they can while having some fun with their friends. Bud Sicard of Oregon dominated the U15 boy’s division leading the field by 329 pins to collect his second SYC title. Kayla Starr, of Maryland, rolled a 279 in her final block to capture her second SYC title in the U15 girl’s division.

With the start of the new youth bowling season, the new U18 division was showcased at the SYC – Indy. The players in this division continue to impress the staff with their commitment to their physical games while developing their mental games to combat challenging tournament conditions. In the U18 girl’s division, Annalise O’Bryant, of Georgia, commanded the field and led by 156 pins to earn her first SYC title. The U18 boy’s division, Spencer Robarge of Missouri had an impressive block on the Western Medium Kegel Pattern averaging 250 to propel himself to the top of the leaderboard. Robarge collected his ninth SYC title in 13 attempts.

The talent of the youth athletes at the Storm Youth Championships is always remarkable. The top two competitors in each division were named to the 2020 Storm All-American Team. Sofia DeLuccia, Aleiya Kerrigan, Matteo Quintero, Ewan Oester, Kayla Starr, Avery Domaguin, Bud, Sicard, Trevor Anifer, Annalise O’Bryant, Jillian Martin, Spencer Robarge, Brandon Bonta have been named to the 2020 Storm All-American Team.

L to R: Aleiya Kerrigan, Sofia DeLuccia, Ewan Oester, Matteo Quintero, Avery Domaguin, Kayla Starr, Trevor Anifer, Bud, Sicard, Jillian Martin, Annalise O’Bryant, Brandon Bonta, Spencer Robarge

Though a past SYC champion, Domaguin moved up a division into the U15 girl’s division, she was able to remain consistent throughout the event to earn a spot on the All-American Team in back-to-back years. Robarge was the other SYC athlete to return to the All-American Team and has represented the team for 4 years in succession. 5-time SYC Champion, Martin, who joins the All-American Team for her first time earned the silver overall medal without medaling on any other pattern showcasing her consistency across the challenging conditions.

In addition to the overall champions, the top three athletes in each division were presented a gold, silver, or bronze medal after each round.

Overall Medalists: U12 Boys – Matteo Quintero (gold), Ewan Oester, (Silver), Caston Dhuse (Bronze), U12 Girls – Sofia DeLuccia (Gold), Aleiya Kerrigan (Silver), Alyvia Matiasek (Bronze); U15 Boys – Bud Sicard (Gold), Trevor Anifer (Silver), Micah Voorhis (Bronze); U15 Girls – Kayla Starr (Gold), Avery Domaguin (Silver), Abby Starkey (Bronze); U18 Boys – Spencer Robarge (Gold), Brandon Bonta (Silver), Matthew Richards (Bronze); U18 Girls – Annalise O’Bryant (Gold), Jillian Martin (Silver), Alyssa Ballard (Bronze)

Kegel Expo Short Pattern: U12 Boys – Sebastian Vetter (gold), Caston Dhuse (silver), Matteo Quintero (Bronze); U12 Girls – Sofia DeLuccia (Gold), Aleiya Kerrigan (Silver), Alyvia Matiasek (Bronze); U15 Boys – Bud Sicard (Gold), Duke Knudsen (Silver), Luke Switalski (Bronze); U15 Girls – Kayla Starr (Gold), Abby Starkey (Silver), Avery Domaguin (Bronze); U18 Boys – Matthew Richards (Gold), Bobby Habetler (Silver), Edward Pietrasz (Bronze); U18 Girls – Brianna Rogers (Gold), Ranelle Ulanday (Silver), Annalise O’Bryant (Bronze)

Kegel Western Medium Pattern: U12 Boys – Matteo Quintero (Gold), Jos Luc Weems (Silver), Paxton Bauer (Bronze); U12 Girls – Sofia DeLuccia (Gold), Aleiya Kerrigan (Silver), Sadrianna Erb (Bronze); U15 Boys –Trevor Anifer (Gold), Bud Sicard (Silver), Anthony Hornick (Bronze); U15 Girls – Keira Magsam (Gold), Paige Matiasek (Silver), Kayla Starr (Bronze); U18 Boys – Spencer Robarge (Gold), Brandon Bonta (Silver), Alexander Horton (Bronze); U18 Girls – Annalise O’Bryant (Gold), Devon Thomas (Silver), Jenna Stretch (Bronze)

Expo Kegel Choice Pattern: U12 Boys – Ewan Oester (Gold), Matteo Quintero (Silver), Trey Durflinger (Bronze); U12 Girls – Sofia DeLuccia (Gold), Alyvia Matiasek (Silver), Sadrianna Erb (Bronze); U15 Boys –Braden McDonough (Gold), Bud Sicard (Silver), Henry Hind (Bronze); U15 Girls – Abbie Leiendecker (Gold), Deja Curry-Brown (Silver), Avery Domaguin (Bronze); U18 Boys – Silas Lira (Gold), Spencer Robarge (Silver), Ethan Gomez (Bronze); U18 Girls – Alyssa Ballard (Gold), Maribeth Baker (Silver), Jenna Stretch (Bronze)

Kegel Western Long Pattern: U12 Boys – Caston Dhuse (Gold), Matteo Quintero (Silver), Brady Jaecks (Bronze);  U12 Girls – Sofia DeLuccia (Gold), Aleiya Kerrigan (Silver), Sadrianna Erb (Bronze); U15 Boys –Bud Sicard (Gold), Sebastian Huffman (Silver), Landin Jordan (Bronze); U15 Girls – Abby Starkey (Gold), Kayla Starr (Silver), Avery Domaguin (Bronze); U18 Boys – Brandon Caruso (Gold), Ethan Gomez (Silver), Wesley Boyd (Bronze); Annalise O’Bryant (Gold), Juliana Kerrigan (Silver), Amani Moore (Bronze)

SYC Athlete, Brianna Rogers rolled a 300 game on the KEGEL Medium Pattern.

Every athlete who entered the tournament received a Storm Gravity Evolve bowling ball.

Giving back is an important part of the SYC and athletes come together to raise funds all weekend long for Ballard vs. the Big “C” which supports continued research in cancer treatment, specifically in head, neck and throat cancer through the sport of bowling. BVBC also raises money for nutritional supplements and treatments for those going through the cancer journey. $10 of every entry will go directly to BVBC to continue to fight the war against cancer.

The owners of Logo Infusion, Ken and Kathy Keegan joined us in Indy to provide apparel for the SYC. Logo Infusion is the official jersey partner of the SYC and creates customized jerseys to help commemorate each of our events. They have also created the Dan Keegan Scholarship for youth athletes to earn scholarship to use towards their education throughout the year. They awarded four scholarships to SYC athletes based on their sportsmanship throughout the weekend. The winners were Chole Day, Brianna Rogers, Henry Hind and Braden McDonough.

This tournament would not be possible without the generous donation from all of our sponsors, Storm, Roto Grip, Logo Infusion, Kegel, 3G Shoes, Bowlers Journal International. The event was livestreamed over the two days on the Storm Bowling Facebook Page and scores were uploaded live through the official scoring system of the Storm Youth Championships, BowlMetrix.

Three events remain on the 2020 SYC Tour. The SYC will return to Northrock Lanes for the SYC – Wichita event on September 12-13. This event is sold-out with a waiting list. Fans can watch from their home on the Storm Bowling Facebook Page. Entries open for the SYC – Costal Classic event, which will occur October 3-4 on August 31. The final event of the 2020 SYC Tour will take place in Orlando on November 7-8.

For final results of all rounds of competition and for more information on the SYC visit the Storm SYC page at