How to take advantage of Surface Preparation

This article will discuss some of the best ways for you to maintain your bowling equipment. We’ll also focus on tips and tricks to create the desired surface and ball reaction.

Coverstock adjustments can make all the difference in your overall ball reaction, but why? Weight block, layouts, and ball dynamics play a significant part in general ball reaction, but keep in mind that the ball’s coverstock is touching the lane and interacting with the lane oil. Therefore, making surface alterations will play a significant role in affecting your ball reaction. Adding the appropriate surface to match the lane condition can make the difference in 5, 10, or even 20 pins a game.

Firstly, we’re going to discuss the daily maintenance that should be done on your bowling equipment. You need to be sure you’re wiping your ball off in between shots with a shammy or towel. This practice will do two things: It will slow down the oil absorbing into the coverstock by removing it after each throw and provide a clean surface for your ball. Nothing is more frustrating than leftover oil on your ball causing you to leave a pesky 10 or 7 pin. When you’re finished with your bowling session for the day, you’ll need to clean the ball with a towel (microfiber if possible) and your desired ball cleaner such as Reacta Clean, Xtra Clean, True Blue, or Reacta Foam. These are excellent products to remove all the dirt, grime, and oil from your bowling session. This will also restore the tacky feel to the coverstock that delivers a consistent reaction.

Next, we will be focusing on the use of Abralon pads and how to create surface texture on the coverstock. You can make surface adjustments by hand or on a ball spinner. Each Storm, Roto Grip, or 900 Global ball comes with a particular factory finish which can be found on the box of each ball. Keep in mind that this is the suggested surface for that ball, however, it can be adjusted to better match your game. For example, the Proton PhysiX comes out of the box at 2000-Grit Abralon. Suppose you’re a player with softer speed and have trouble getting the ball down the lane. You can make a slight adjustment with a 4000-grit pad or a small amount of polish to match your unique style for that ball. Adding surface to the coverstock could completely alter the ball’s reaction, leading to a successful line to the pocket. This could give you a significant advantage on the field with just one minimal adjustment.

The beauty of surface changes is that there are virtually endless options you can create. Don’t be afraid to try unique surface preparations that might work for your style on that any condition. Some noteworthy surface changes could be taking the ball down to 1000-grit and immediately adding a layer of polish. This will create a cleaner but smoother and predictable motion on the ball. Next, try taking one of the weaker balls in your bag and add a 1000 or 2000-grit Abralon surface. This allows you to play straighter and create a controllable reaction on fresher conditions. One last surface suggestion is what we call a “sheen.” This is when you surface your ball to 500-grit for 30 seconds, then 3000-grit for 10 seconds, and finish with a light coat of polish.

As bowlers and competitors, we’re continuously looking to increase our scores and create the most performance out of our equipment. Focusing on maintaining your coverstock and building surface textures to fit the condition will single-handedly produce higher scores and more consistent results.

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