SPI Urethane Comparison

Watch the videos, then read what our employees have to say about it below!

(We’re bowlers too, ya know)

When throwing the Fast Pitch, I had to play further right than I normally play and feel as though I was pointing to the pocket. If I kept my speed slower and really focused on visualizing my path, it’s a controlled shape that is predictable. For me, the Fast Pitch hooked later and never really overreacted on the back. When I threw the Pitch Black, I had to move my feet further left because it used energy sooner. During the test, I experienced what I normally feel when I throw urethane. My feet were further left so my instinct was to throw it right. If I did this with my normal speed and missed right, it didn’t quite get to the pocket. I had to stay slow and really feel it off my hand. Throwing this ball really held me accountable to what I’m doing with my hand.

Throwing the Rubicon UC3 was different than anything I’ve ever experienced with urethane. It was easy to find the pocket. When I moved to the shorter pattern, I was able to get it further to the right at the arrows and watch it roll perfectly into the pocket. I could miss right and miss it a little at the bottom, and it would still make it back to the pocket. I could miss left and it found enough hold to still hit the head pin. This ball allowed me to play the part of the lane that I feel most comfortable and play there longer. I’m positive that it will make it into my bag and might help me find success in the games in league that I’m currently struggling with.

-Blair Blumenscheid, Communications

Oil Pattern: Kegel Broadway, 37′, 4.09:1, 23.25 mL
Ball Layout: 4x4x2

For me, the Fast Pitch allowed me to play extremely straight without sacrificing any hitting power. Of our three options, the Fast Pitch gave me the straightest path to the pocket and gave me the most amount of hold. As I moved to the Pitch Black, with its lower RG, I could open up my angles and still get that great urethane shape (early and smooth) even on the fresh condition which can often be more challenging with reactive. And lastly, when I moved to the UC3, the stronger cover and more dynamic core allowed me to create more motion and entry angle. I could move my feet inside about 4 boards from the Pitch Black and create the most shape with this, It wasn’t quite as much as I would see from a controllable reactive like the IQ Tour, for example, but clearly it was the strongest of the three urethanes.

-Steve Kloempken, VP Marketing

Oil Pattern: Kegel Middle Road, 39′, 3.96:1, 22.85 mL
Ball Layout: 5x4x2

For me, the Fast Pitch allowed me to go the straightest. It has the highest RG value and lowest total differential, so I was able to stay straighter even with my slower speed and stay in control of the lane. The Pitch Black forced me a few boards left and hooked earlier. Since it hooked earlier, it was more forward downlane which gave me more control. For me, the Pitch Black is better if there is more volume, and the Fast Pitch doesn’t hook enough. The Rubicon UC3 forced me the farthest left, but still gave me control of the end of the pattern. I felt like it got the farthest down the lane but wasn’t sideways off the end of the 37ft Broadway V2 pattern I bowled on. I could confidently throw it to the friction to the right and know that it wouldn’t miss the spot. The UC3 is a great step off both urethane balls if the front of the lane hooks too much and you need to shape it more left-to-right.

-Alex Hoskins, R&D Manager

Oil Pattern: Kegel Broadway V2, 37′, 4.77:1, 26.45 mL
Ball Layout: 5x4x2

The best thing about this trio of urethane balls is you get three distinct shapes from each of them. Fast Pitch is the cleanest of the trio and is why I must play the farthest right with it. You may see the break point is earlier, but this is just a result of my launch angle being shallower. SPECTO measures break point by telling when the ball stops moving right for a right hander and vice versa for a lefty. Fast Pitch is perfect when there is a little more friction on the lanes. Pitch Black provides the early hook with smooth down lane reaction I expect from urethane. I have to stand a bit further left of Fast Pitch because of this, but the ball doesn’t overreact down lane. Pitch Black is perfect for when there is a little less friction present or when the pattern is hard. Last is the UC3, which gives me a little more length than Pitch Black but is more responsive to friction and has the down lane reaction of an asymmetrical ball. This ball is going to be perfect for when I need a little more shape down lane as the front part of the lane goes away and I am forced left.

-Chayton Petersen, Technical Service Representative

Oil Pattern: Kegel Chromium, 42′, 6.71:1, 25.56 mL
Ball Layout: 4x5x5 – 2LS


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