Always Take The Hy-Road

As the iconic and storied Hy-Road continues to roll on for more than a decade, it helps remind us of the word loyalty. In a time of constant change and uncertainty, the Hy-Road is simply like that kind person in your life that is always there and is always someone you can count on. Even though we celebrate the Hy-Road’s Birthday each year, there’s more to celebrate with this ball.

In life, we’re faced with circumstances that make us choose which way to go. This can be as simple as someone cutting you off in the parking lot and taking your spot and not reacting, choosing to smile at someone who is having a bad day, or any other moment that requires you to make a choice. On the lanes, we’re often faced with which ball to choose. The lanes might not be doing what you expect and you look in your bag to find a faithful friend.

This week, we ask you, our community member and friend, to share a story when you took the Hy-Road in life during a stressful time. Putting others needs above your own needs to make the world a better place.

Share your story for a chance to win the Hy-Road of your choice or one of 25 Take the Hy-Road limited release premium t-shirts. 

We are all better together. Thanks for being a part of our community. 

35 thoughts on “Always Take The Hy-Road

  1. I have always bowled up a storm ⛈ and I love storm products and I use Roto grip products and I use global 900 products to and I love everything about storm company in Salt Lake City Utah and I’m a local Bowler at CountryClub Lanes in Tonka Bay Minnesota for the last couple years I’ve been trying to shoot 300 and I’ve gone to 299 and I got 298 this past year.

  2. I personally related to the hy-road in life when Covid first started to spread rapidly. Many people in my circle were down and not in the right state of mind due to the sadness and stress of quarantine. I made sure to keep in touch with many of them everyday to make sure we all had a positive outlook on the future. Also thanks for this opportunity!

  3. I work for a roofing company, and I had a client call us out to give them a repair estimate where they had a leak. I went out and assessed what needed to be done and gave them the estimate to repair it. The homeowner was furious at the cost of the repair, I was almost certain they didn’t have much money and figured that’s why she acted so mad about it, because she didn’t want me to know they couldn’t afford it. I could have just left and never thought anything else of it, but I couldn’t just walk away knowing what I did. So while I was in my truck she went back inside. I had some materials left over from another repair we had done the day prior and it was a really close match to her roof. So I hopped up on her roof and did the repair. While I was up there she came out and was furious, and said she wasn’t going to pay simply because I decided to do it without her approval. I smiled and said “what if it’s free?” She said “why would you do that?” I told her I could tell she wasn’t a rich person and that I just wanted to help her out. It was hard to tell from up on the roof but I think she tested up and said “thank you…” and walked back inside. I never even saw her again. When I was done, I just went on my way.

    Moral to the story is this, just because people seem a certain way doesn’t mean they are. Sometimes people act a certain way to cover up an insecurity. Be kind, be courteous, love one another, and take the high road. You can make the world a better place all by yourself, one person at a time.

    1. The hyroad to me has always been super reliable and is really like a good friend. Personally, the hyroad is just like my best friend Candice, as they have been with me through thick and thin, and has never turned their back on me. Candice was always there for me, even when I was sick and could barely move. Thank you Candice, you really mean a lot to me.

      Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Well, i shot my first 300 on a sport pattern throwing this ball. It was funny cause it was on a 34ft pattern where i thought no shiny ball would look good but if its one thing the hy road is good at, its surprising me. I by far had the best look in the house and had what nobody else had what i had. I won the tournament and a nice check to go home with. Thank you hy road, truly a legend.

  5. I needed to deal with an autistic classmate who kept on disturbing me, this caused me to have bad memories of my secondary school . I got bad results for N-levels and went insane. Entering IMH, I was lost but my family never gave me up, instead nurtured and guided me back to normal.
    Now I’m ready for anything.

  6. I was having a procrastinator’s mindset and I was fearful of every task that I do. Luckily, my family gave me all confidence that I needed.

    To storm who gave me the opportunity to speak .

  7. I had a friend my freshman year of college who had a seizure in my arms and me and a couple others had to get her the help that she needed. Along with that one of the others has really bad panic attacks and this triggered her. So at the time i was put in a position that was very stressful and difficult dealing with the two of them but i managed and did it anyway so that they would be safe.

  8. Giving my seat up for a couple going to the Philippines for their parents birthday. I was going there to spend some time with my girl so I gave up my seat so they can make it. And I will take the next day flight.

  9. A couple years ago, I was at the bowling alley and a young kid was bowling next to me. He seemed very interested in the sport and wanted to become a professional bowler. He told his dad that he wanted to be the greatest bowler in the world, but his dad said that it’s too expensive and that they don’t have the money for him to bowl. I came up with a great idea. My idea was to give the kid my barely used vapor zone, and a new bowling bag. When i gave the kid the equipment his face lit up so much and he was so excited. He couldn’t thank me enough. Years later, I made it a new tradition to give away my used equipment to new bowlers. It brings me joy to see new bowlers get into the sport.

    1. I would love to have this bowling ball since I already own the mix, tropical surge, phase 3 and proton physix. Adding the hyroad will be. Amazing!

  10. I was in a tourney late in the block in my jbt tournament and I needed to shoot 215 to make the cut to the step ladder none of my other balls were working because for my game I ended up on the worst pair in the house so I took out my hy road to hope it worked and it did 254 to place first in the step ladder and won using the ball thanks to the hy road I won my first jbt with it and now I can’t keep it out of my hands when no other ball is working for me.

  11. Huge fan of storm and their equipment, the Hyroad is a tried and true ball and is a great fit in any Arsenal.

  12. Ever since I started taking bowling seriously I have been using storm products. Each time I get a new ball I just love the performance and longevity of each ball. I thank you!

  13. Hi thanks for this opportunity. The hyroad has been there for me through a lot throughout my bowling career.

  14. My hy-road moment was when I decided to transfer schools to get out of a toxic environment filled with bullying and to try to make new friends and still stay academically strong as well as socially strong

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