Winning once on the PBA Tour is difficult. Winning 14 majors is more than a trend, it’s a culture of excellence that Jason Belmonte has created in his life.

A Trend, though sometimes thought to be “short-lived,” is also defined as the general direction in which something is developing or changing. For Jason, this legacy of excellence and winning on the lanes is his Trend and it’s hard not to support him on this journey. In addition to his consistent drive to win, he’s always been supportive of the bowling community and looking for ways to give back.

We’re marking 02.22.2022 with the launch of a charity auction in honor of Jason’s 20th Anniversary on Team Storm.

Fans have the opportunity to bid on this one-of-a-kind beautiful canvas donated by Blake Jamieson which Jason & Blake worked together to create to celebrate the culture of winning that Jason has created throughout his career.

To place a bid or donate click this form.

All proceeds will be donated to Blake and Jason’s charity of choice, Make-A-Wish.

This auction will be open for 2 weeks. You may submit as many bids as you wish.

Each day at 2 pm we will share the current top bid.

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