Storm Products Inc. takes pride in our people, products, and process.

We’re humbled with the outpouring of support from the bowling industry throughout the United States and worldwide and we will continue to demonstrate our unwavering support towards bowling as we have for 30 years.

We strive to be honest and open in our communication demonstrating both empathy and integrity. Taking care of our customers is of the upmost importance.

All Storm balls are manufactured based on specific ball approvals granted by the USBC, and Storm’s materials and processes do not change at any point during the manufacture of approved balls.  Our testing has shown that many factors, including differences in surface finish, can cause variances in durometer readings. We intend to showcase our testing procedures at a future date.

The vast majority of all competitions in the United States and Worldwide have continued to allow the Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global balls that are affected by the USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule to remain in play. These balls continue to be USBC approved for well over 95% of all other tournaments worldwide.

We understand that at this time, there are many customers who have questions regarding their products and the exchange process. We will be sharing the details of this voluntary process as soon as possible.

Our customers, pro shops, team around the world and the dedicated people who work at our manufacturing plant in the United States every day continue to be our priority as we navigate the USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule.


  1. I’ll continue to be a loyal storm fan. This is just a little hiccup and it’ll work out in the end. Storm will make it right.

  2. I’ll always throw nothing but storm and it seems like this is just a Deadshot at storm because of Jason belmonte and the whole fiasco with the specter USBC wants to play crooked games

  3. I will always still represent the storm and roto-grip brand because of the great products and how they have helped me. Best products and service in the industry.

  4. I just don’t understand how balls get randomly tested outta the batches (I know this bc I learned it on a tour at Storm last year) and get approved for play (by USBC) then all of a sudden, USBC wants to deem these balls ineligible bc of the softness/hardness of the durometer, especially a whole year later for balls like the UFO Alert. If they’re randomly testing them from each batch, why wait so long after so many customers buy balls to say anything vs preventing the headache of exchanges or Storm having to reconcile the mess USBC caused? My other complaint about all this mess is that if these balls absorb oil bc of the hardness being too soft based off the durometer scale, then why are urethanes allowed (minus the ’16/17 purple hammer)? These recent balls on the banned list now basically does the same thing that a urethane does. If they’re gonna ban them, why not just ban all urethanes too? Either ban em all or leave em all eligible. I saved up so much money to buy me a Phaze 4 and now I can’t even use it. This is ridiculous and I’m not blaming Storm, this is USBC’s fault. They need to pay Storm for each and every single ball & drilling voucher than has to be exchanged bc they knew these balls weren’t hard enough but didn’t say nothing and just let Storm keep on manufacturing “illegal” balls. What a waste of time, energy, money, and effort? Come on USBC, really? SMH!!!

  5. I bought Spectre bowling ball. When it became banned I went through the exchange portal and chose a Wolverine as a replacement. Now that there is new rules surrounding the Wolverine came I change my ball again before orders are sent out so I don’t run into any problems in the future. Again I’m not trying to get 2 balls through the exchange I just want to swap my original choice from the exchange portal to something else I’m trying to be proactive before Spectre exchange orders go out to avoid any future problems and so I don’t have to exchange a 2nd time

  6. Will be contacting everyone that chose a Wolverine for their Spectre exchange, but hasn’t received his Wolverine yet ?

  7. This USBC couldn’t be more clear (as mud that is). And now because of this, my local league here on base has decided to not allow the use of my recently purchased 900 Global Altered Reality. Which really sucks because I loved that ball from the minute I first rolled it. Does this mean that I am now stuck with a giant paper weight and out $250?

  8. This will be my first time bowling nationals and as I only use 2 bowling balls and 1 just got banned I’m wondering how long this process will take. Honestly if I can exchange the ball that’s great but I would like to be able to use the new ball before I go to Vegas. Just concerned.

  9. I bought the spectre it got banned so I exchanged it for the wolverine but also went a bought the phase4 cause they said it would take 3-4 weeks and I wanted to learn the ball for nationals in a few weeks. Well I guess it’s plan F now cause the only 3balls I now have are all banned for nationals. Don’t know what to do afraid to buy another ball cause it might get banned. Guess my life long dream of bowling nationals will have to be done with a house ball. 500.00 in balls and drilling and I got nothing to show for it thanks USBC. I guess who gives a dam I am not a pro and just a hard working American veteran. The worst part is I live in northwest kansas and have to go to Denver co or Wichita ks to get ball work done that’s a 4-5 hour trip. Storm can you help a poor guy out here.

    1. You should be thanking Storm. It was their defective QC that caused this problem.

  10. Got Back into bowling after 10-15yrs of chasing a kids baseball dream. My 2006 Storm Jolt wasn’t cutting it, so upgraded to the Storm Spectre, then found out the USBC ruling. I loved the Spectre. First league game after so long was a 222 with the Spectre with best of 255. Just received the exchange ball from Storm in a quick smooth process and delivery. It was the Wolverine….. Had it drilled when I found out about the additional rulings involving the Wolverine and additional balls. This seems strange how the rulings are different. I love the Spectre and the Wolverine, but isn’t illegal….still illegal regarding different levels of play? I hope and trust the new exchange process will be as smooth and quick.

    1. As long as you’re not bowling in USBC tournaments like nationals or regionals it’s up to your local league to decide. I use a Wolverine and my league just said it’s fine.

  11. I’m a storm guy first and foremost and this won’t change with a little hiccup. I use everything Storm and will continue to do so. I going to nationals the weekend of May 27th. So hearing that my go to ball the Phaze 4 was banned was a shocker. I was planning on starting with the Nova and then going to the Phaze 4. I have no idea what I’m going to put in it’s place and just waiting patiently for the list. I don’t want to take the time to exchange it down there due to getting married the day before I start nationals. So I’m looking forward to the list!

  12. Because of this, USBC ruling my local league here on base has decided to not allow the use of my recently purchased 900 Global Altered Reality. Which really sucks because I loved that ball from the minute I first rolled it. Does this mean that I am now stuck with a giant paper weight and out $250?

    Jacksonville, NC

  13. So Nationals in Vegas is around the corner. So when is the exchange process for the new banned list going to be done? Storm needs give us instructions ASAP. A loyal customer waiting for Storms response.

  14. So Nationals in Vegas is around the corner. So when is the exchange process for the new banned list going to be done? Storm needs give us instructions ASAP. A loyal customer waiting for Storms response

  15. Really this doesn’t make sense, I have been a storm customer for 30 years never this is a pain in the butt ,I just buy three balls the can’t used you tell me what to do storm just fix the problem,I know the is many more people with this fu”” problem please keep been the best company in bowling

  16. When will we know about the exchange. I have two balls drilled up for nationals that i know can’t use and i leave for vegas in two weeks?

  17. Myself and my wife only throw storm balls (roto grip, 900 global, storm) we understand that certain bans on some of your products are taking place it is some what confusing on whats allowed for now and what’s not we plan on going away to so out of state usbc sanction tournament’s but we are worried that when we get out there that most of our equipment wont be allowed for tournament play we own the trend 2 , alter reality, the phase 4 which we just got 2 weeks ago and we had the Spectre can some please let us know asap what is going to be the resolution asap we are not pro’s who can just walk up to the truck and get another ball every 20 minutes the equipment is to costly for us to keep potential not having legal equipment to bowl in our leagues or usbc sanctioned tournaments we love storm please lets get this resolved

  18. I have a Storm Electrify Solid. What are they replacing it with if I choose to send mine in?? A legal version or a different but similar ball?? Either way I will still continue to buy Storm products…

  19. Exchange program, requested the Wolverine for the spectre exchange and haven’t received the Wolverine or confirmation of the next choice, just would like to know what has or will be shipping in the future, or is there more information Storm needs for this process.

  20. Went to send my 3 balls back to storm today, Am I just supposed to forget about the $130 it is going to cost me to ship from Texas to Utah?


  22. We have sent in three requests for replacement, recieved no reply. Tried the address stated to use if you do not receive a response, did not work either. Would like to know what is going on?

  23. Have you discovered why a ball that has passed hardness specs when it was poured, now doesn’t pass? Have you rechecked the rejected balls with your equipment? Could there be a problem with the original materials that allow the balls to soften up after a couple of months of sitting? Really curious about the cause. No blame on Storm or USBC. I just hope you can find and fix the problem soon.

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