USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule Exchange

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that the USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule has caused you and appreciate your patience and support. Taking care of our customers is our priority.

This is a voluntary process for all current US residents. There are 8 steps to complete your exchange process for your SPI Product.

Once we’ve received the SPI bowling ball(s) that you’ve chosen to Exchange, we will get your Exchange Order into our system. Getting these Exchange Balls made will be our priority, based on volume of returns this could take 3-8 weeks for processing.

For every eligible drilled ball returned, SPI will include a certificate ($50 value) redeemable at your pro shop for drilling.

Each customer is responsible for all shipping expenses for the affected ball(s) to return to SPI Headquarters. SPI is responsible for shipping charges for the exchange ball(s) to the customer.

You will receive an email (please check spam folders) that is required to be printed and placed in the box with your affected SPI bowling ball(s).

If you cannot find the email that is sent to you, please contact

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37 thoughts on “USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule Exchange

  1. What if you haven’t shipped my replacement ball yet. Do we have the choice to choose a different ball before you ship the replacement. I’m bowling in the open championships and don’t want to drill a ball I can’t use.

  2. Is storm going to pay us back for shipping charges we shouldn’t be penalized for a faulty product by having to pay to ship each and every ball back to Storm.

  3. Why haven’t I received anything from Storm about a replacement ball for the Wolverine that I chose as my replacement from my spectre? You guys just stopped the shipment and haven’t even notified me of what is happening next??

  4. How will the proshop redeem the $50 drilling certificate included with the replacement balls ?

  5. I am very disappointed in the “customer service” response to this ball exchange. While it sounds good in the beginning, you must pay shipping to return your defective ball. I had two that I put in the mail today, and it cost me $80.00 for shipping from Florida to Utah. Then the drilling voucher is for only $50.00 per ball. Bowlero pro shop charges $65-75 per ball. Bottom line is it cost me $110.00 to exchange my defective bowling balls that I bought one month ago at a cost of $515.00. I have never experienced such poor customer service such as this. No more Storm for me.

    1. I agree Scott, how can we support Storm if we are left holding the bag with equipment that may, or may not be allowed at any given event we go to? Seems these products should be illegal, or not, and FULLY covered by the vendor, or not. The end user should NOT be left in this position….

    2. hey Scott,

      Looks like Storm pulled my comment, very disappointed but I support your position100%

    3. Disclaimer: I do not represent Storm as an employee or staffer. The balls are not “defective” my friend. There has been absolutely no CONCLUSIVE data that shows that they are. In fact there is more data to the contrary. Storm settled inorder to do right by the customer. That is different than agreeing with the determination made by USBC. Storm/SPI is not REQUIRED to do anything for these 6 balls, since they are legal in 98+% of competition. If you like the bowling balls you have, enjoy them. You can use them everywhere but 1 tournament that a fraction of a percent of bowlers actually bowl in. You don’t HAVE to exchange them. It is an option that they are giving you and I. I’m fairly certain that other manufacturers would not to the same. Infact, all but one other big brand would likely go bankrupt if they did. That big brand is in Mexico, so imagine how much that shipping would be. Historically, Storm is the first brand to offer a voucher to cover money spent for drilling. If your pro shop will not drill your ball for the $50 voucher, I’d find a new pro shop. That is over 90% profit for them so in my opinion it’d be unethical to charge anymore. Especially given the circumstance. Lastly, You will not find the quality with any other brand. You may find a good ball or two but the amount of r&d, QC, unique shapes, designs, time, thought and energy will be unmatched by Storm/SPI. Most of all you will not find a company that cares more about you and the sport of bowling than Storm does. If you listen to anyone from SPI talk about this situation, you can tell it genuine makes them upset and shoots through their spirit. They KNOW their product is great because they take every step to insure it is. From people at head quarters, to Belmo, Pete Webber and the other great ambassadors of this sport. The best of which are all loyal to everything that Storm does and believes in. Storm/SPI will genuinely be sad to see you go. That I’m certain of. Other brands will gladly take your money but non of them will care about you as a person/bowler more than SPI. That I am even more certain off.

    4. I bought a UFO alert last week to go to nationals will coast me 60$ to ship it from Ct I will just keep the ball and never buy another and my last time bowling in a USBC tournament or a sanctioned leauge I’m just bringing my 20 year old equipment to Vegas dorm thanks for nothing

    5. Nobody said that you had to replace the balls, Scott. That is why it is VOLUNTARY. Unless you’re bowling at the National Tournament, I would’ve just bought new ones and if they are eventually completely and totally discontinued, you could just get a brand new one at their cost. I am guessing that’s what they would’ve done in the first place.

    6. Considering they’re still technically legal for anything except USBC national events, dependent on your local/state/regional USBC, they honestly didn’t have to do anything. I’m frustrated as well having just purchased an Altered Reality last month. I’m thankful Storm is offering an exchange even though currently both my local and state USBC have said the affected balls will be legal. That could change at any time, and I would rather not have the hassle of having to change bowling balls at a later date, especially 100% from my own pocket. Maybe see what the Bowlero pro shop will do considering the circumstances. Not sure why they’re higher cost than the typical pro shop.

    7. Funny, I live in CT and shipped 4 balls via FedEx and it only cost me $100. As far as drilling cost, mine are $35.00 for the layout and drilling plus $15 for the grips and IT for a total of $50. Sounds like you need to find another pro-shop. Also, Storm didn’t have to exchange anything since the balls in question were not flat banned like the Spectre was, stop crying and be appreciative for what they are doing!

    8. I was so upset that I brought new ball is Roto Grip UFO Alert last February. USBC dont allow my ball for bowling tournament. So they said I have other ball. So I can exchange storm replace ufo alert. They are revoked but only in certain tournaments not league. And they will give a certificate for drilling as well. Please send me certificate form ok. My address is

    9. I too am disappointed with SPI in their exchange program. During the 2021-2022 season I have purchased 11 900Global balls. and now you want me to pay for shipping for what should be labeled as a defective product, that should be covered under warranty. MOTIV handled this situation much better.

    10. First of all Scott, they are not defective and you have zero reason to exchange either ball. I am assuming you won’t be participating in any PBA major anytime soon so it should not affect you. The fact they are offering you a brand new ball is an amazing gesture. Of course they aren’t going to pay for you to ship it. Get some realistic expectations. Storms service has been nothing short of amazing for myself and many others for this situation. Everything I have ever sent for warranty I have had to pay to send. This is not different. Also, you over-paid for shipping.

    11. I feel the same exact way. I just decided to keep both of mine, because I would lose money sending them back. I’m so disappointed in Storm. They should pay the shipping cost it would cost me $69 to send balls back.

  6. So I have a 3 month old UFO alert that I paid full price for, not to mention drilling/plugs, etc. If I understand your stated process, I can ship that ball at my expense-wait 8 weeks-and be given a $50 credit that would not even cover the drilling and plugs OR the shipping? What about the cost of the bowling ball?

  7. Why is the exchange list limited? I bought premium balls and I expect to be able to choose the replacement from the entire inventory. The trend 2 and Wolverine are top of the line balls. I agree with Scott Leonard about the drilling fees, here in Austin Texas drilling is $75 per ball, shipping is an out of pocket expense I already paid to get the ball and now I need to pay to ship it back. Really? Are you freakin kidding me? This is not a customer friendly response to a factory problem. In my opinion Storm should have made an agreement with pro shops to exchange the balls and ship them back to Utah covering the shipping expense. Expected cost to the end user should be free. Your team made the mistake, marketed the balls as high performance products and now you are shifting costs back on the customer. Why should I pay $100 + to exchange my defective products? You want to keep me as a customer ? You better rethink this idiotic exchange program ASAP.

  8. First off, I consider STORM balls to be about the best…. I’ve spent lots of money on them over the years….But Who came up with this plan!?…..Why is the ball choice for the exchange so limited ? Not really interested in any of the options. I bought a Phaze4 for a specific reason. The Zen is close I guess, but I’d rather just take a HyRoad. Either way, having YOUR CUSTOMERS paying to ship back a sub standard/illegal product and not reimburse them for it? A possible 2 month wait for a new ball that they may not even want? AND in the year 2022, Drilling costs more like $60-70 almost everywhere by me with grips and thumb insert if you bring in an outside ball. So, the price of my Phaze4, return shipping, out of pocket drilling difference, I’ll end up with almost a $300 ball I don’t really want. Your Exchange program is BY FAR worse than your small quality control issue. Seems like you are doing the absolute least you can for your loyal customers. How about email a shipping label, and then ASAP FedEx us the ball of our choice of equal or lesser value, and include a $75 drilling voucher. THAT is made in the USA customer service! I would continue to buy STORM products the rest of my life. Right now, not so much. May just put the Phaze4 on the shelf for a $220 air freshener and try the new Venom.

  9. I agree. This is basically a recall, and needs to be handled through your network of proshops. Take the ball in, they verify it’s affected by the recall and drill a new ball for you at your expense. If you want them back, you pay them to ship them back in bulk. Otherwise they dispose of them.

    It’s absurd to expect everyone to ship balls at their expense, then have you not replace that ball for weeks. They paid for your product in good faith, it was found to be defective, you need to get a replacement in their hands as soon as possible. What if this is their first ball? They’ll have none for 1-2 months while potentially on a league.

    I’ve been a long time Storm supporter, but between this and having my rotogrip backpack falling apart in less than a year, only to find it was warrenteed for 90 days, I’m losing faith.

  10. How does the exchange process work for those living outside of the U.S? So far I have only seen you mention U.S residents in your articles.

    I live in Sweden and shipping my ball all the way to Utah will likely cost me over $100 as well, which is very expensive. The drilling certificate only amounts to half the cost of drilling it over here since the prices are considerably higher than in the U.S.

    I would appreciate a response as soon as possible!

  11. I would like more information about why the ball I purchased and have been preparing for nationals is going to cost me more money to replace and won’t likely be received in time to prepare for the tournament. Other companies have only required the photo of the serial number and the drilling to be issued a replacement ball and supply a $50 gift certificate for drilling? I know that $50 does not cover all forms of ball drilling, but better than the exorbitant charge to ship a ball across country on top of the pervious costs to purchase, drill, and any finger or thumb inserts that have been used in these now illegal balls. I await Storm to rethink these additional costs and follow the actions of other ball companies that have been impacted by USBC & PBA rules making specific balls no longer usable in competitions, which is not the fault of the purchasers who should not be liable for any additional costs. I suggest as measure of good faith and customer service by following the actions of other companies, or face the negative fallout from losing future sales and potential customers.

  12. I have the Altered Reality. My question is can I exchange it when I go to Nationals at the end of the month?

  13. Since my first post was deleted this follow up post will touch on the highlights, why wouldn’t STORM follow the practice of other ball manufactures and just require a photo of the drilled ball and serial number to send a replacement. I dont see how an issue between STORM and USBC should require any additional expense to the consumer. I understand that some drilling costs are more than $50 as well so those additional costs will be passed along to the consumer that was already into a ball for around $300. Finally why would STORM want the illegal balls back in the first place? I hope this post will not be deleted or at least that someone at STORM will reach out and let me know directly about my inquiry.

  14. I heard you can exchange 1 ball at the storm booth at nationals, If I’m having my balls shipped how would I go about that. I would like to go the day before we bowl just incase it’s busy.

  15. So the consumer has to pay to ship the ball back? That’s a joke right?

    On top of that it will cost me more than $50 to have my new ball drilled.


  16. I can understand that myself. Having just had a baby and then under time constraints to return a ball I just got a few months ago. I’m also looking at it as I could’ve kept the trend 2 and hoped my league didn’t ban it next season or the upcoming one , but also if storm had to pay to replace every ball from the last mess and now this it could bankrupt them.

    Also we could’ve chose to keep the ball. I do agree 50 dollars doesn’t cover drilling just takes the sting out of it down a bit. Cost me 40 bucks to ship ball from Oklahoma to Utah for 6 days, with insurance.

    At the end of the day it was our decision to send it back, just wish I could’ve gone back to the pro shop and exchange it on the spot.

  17. Per the tracking information my exchange ball was delivered to SPI, how will we be notified when the replacement has been shipped so we can track it and make sure to avoid any porch pirates for stealing the replacement?

  18. I was so upset that I brought new ball is Roto Grip UFO Alert last February. USBC dont allow my ball for bowling tournament. So they said I have other ball. So I can exchange storm replace ufo alert. They are revoked but only in certain tournaments not league. And they will give a certificate for drilling as well. Please send me certificate form ok. My address is

  19. I can’t believe you would make people pay to have there bowling balls shipped back I just bought a ufo alert that I was going to used in the nationals now it will cost me 50$ to send it back after I paid 200$ for it already first ball I bought in 20 years I’m don’t have the money to send it back now I just can use it in my leauge only what a wastenn be of money

  20. I too am disappointed with SPI in their exchange program. During the 2021-2022 season I have purchased 11 900Global balls. and now you want me to pay for shipping for what should be labeled as a defective product, that should be covered under warranty. MOTIV handled this situation much better.

  21. Very worried and saddened.. I shipped in my ball on April 4th and it arrived April 7th at the storm warehouse. It is now April 22nd and I have yet to receive my requested exchange or any word on its status. Any email sent to customer support services yields no results on the status of my exchange, etc. I’m beginning to lose faith in this process as I’ve seen quite a number of people in my league getting their exchanges within a week and some change.

  22. I am also disappointed in this ball exchange. I have the Roto Grip UFO Alert I purchased back in January at the Military bowling tournament in Las Vegas. I wanted to use it at Nationals the beginning of June. Given the time frame to get a ball back I will not have it in time for the tournament. The fact that we have to pay shipping to send the defective ball back is also ridiculous. Why can’t it just be exchanged at a local pro shop with drilling included? This is not the customer service I expected from Storm.

  23. I just received my replacement balls but one is on back order (RSTX-2). I was wondering if I could change my selection to one that is in stock and available to ship right away?


  24. I agree. It cost me $60 to return one bowling ball to Storm from Florida. I am still waiting for the replacement. Hopefully the $50 voucher will cover the complete drilling costs of the replacement ball.

  25. I’d like to thank Storm Bowling for the speed of the ball exchange. I didn’t expect the balls to arrived as soon as it did. Your staff must be working really hard to process all the requests. Again, thank you very much.

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