The 2022 PWBA Tour seasons kicks off this week with the PWBA Rockford Open in Rockford, Illinois.  The 2022 season will feature 12 events, 7 of which will have the finals airing on CBS Sports Network. This will be an exciting season for the PWBA athletes as they will be competing for larger prize funds including a $60,000.00 first place prize for both the USBC Queens and U.S. Women’s Open.  The season ending PWBA Tour Championship is also a Major title and will close out the 2022 season in Dallas, Texas in August.

The 2021 season ended in October so the ladies of Roto Grip are eager to hit the lanes after their 6 month break.  The SPI players took home 14 of the 20 tour titles last year and there are many great story lines to look forward to this season.  36 National staff players represent the Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global brands with a mix of rookies to veterans and we predict an exciting season.  We chatted with the players who are heading out to the first stop this week to ask them about being a professional bowler, what they are looking forward to, and their goals for the season.

SHANNON O’KEEFE – Have you enjoyed joining Team Storm and getting used to new equipment as you train for the season? Coming back to Storm after all these years is most certainly the best decision I could have made at this time in my career. Not only does it feel like I’m coming home, I then get the bonus of an amazing support staff and great friends that are also on staff to help me learn quickly in preparation for the PWBA Tour.

You’ve had so much success the last 5 years on the PWBA Tour, how do you motivate yourself each season? What motivates me is the desire to be the best, and I love to win, so those things really motivate me.

What are you most looking forward to this year? I’m most looking forward to continuing my working relationship with Shawn Ryan, we had so much success together in 2018 & 2019, so I’m excited to get back to work chasing down titles together.

Goals for the season? My goals are to show up, be present, put myself in position to win titles, and be Player of The Year again.

Favorite new balls – My favorite balls right now are: Phaze II, Zen Master, Dark Code, and Hyroad Pearl.


STEFANIE JOHNSON – How do you handle being a full-time bowler, full-time Mom and a job working for Roto Grip?  I think it’s super important to surround yourself with an amazing support system that allows me to pursue my dreams.  I am able to compete knowing my husband and mom are back home holding down the home front and then of course I am blessed to work for a company that allows me the opportunity to essentially work from home (or anywhere) while I am fulfilling my dreams of bowling on tour. The key to me for all of it is to just enjoy the moment I am in and embrace what that brings.  I am thankful for technology to keep me connected to my family!

What are your goals for the season? What are you most looking forward to this season? My goals have shifted over the years, rather to place a number on the amount of cuts or titles I may have the opportunity to win, I am focusing more on truly giving myself the grace to be great, the grace to not be so great and know that in all of the moments I always did the best that I could.

Favorite new balls Tough question but I’d have to say my Hyped Pearl and my Zen are still two of my favorite balls.


JORDAN RICHARD – What are you looking forward to this season on the PWBA? I’m most looking forward to being around all my friends again every week. Also looking forward to learning and gaining knowledge each week to get better.

What are your goals for the season? My goals for this season are to make every cut and win another title.

Favorite new balls – Idol Helios and Nova.



ROCIO RESTREPO – You’ve had some injuries the last few years, are you healthy again and ready to compete? I have had 3 different surgeries in the past three years. I only sustained one major injury which was my hip. But everything else before was related to my health which seems to be finally getting under control and I am feeling better now.

My hip rehab has been one of the hardest things I ever had to do. It was a time where I developed a lot of patience. Reignited my love for bowling and gave me perspective of where I want to go from here.

What are your goals for the season? My goals for the season are simply focus on my process and give my best every event. I have not bowled a tournament since the Women’s US Open last year. So I am coming in with a fresh mind and just grateful that I am walking and able to throw a ball efficiently again.  I am embracing gratitude this season for all the things I could not do while I was hurt.

What do you like most about being a professional bowler? I love making my family proud and letting them know that all the sacrifices we have made, had led me to be one of the best in our sport. I love bowling and I love being a pro athlete because it has given my family and I something to laugh, cry, and be passionate about.

Favorite new balls – Gem, Zen, and Zen Master


ELYSIA CURRENT – What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to being able to compete again.  After last season feeling good and ending up injured after 3 tournaments was a big disappointment.  I am hoping my body (mainly my back) stays together longer for me to get through the season.

What are your goals for the season? Obviously a goal would be to win, but like last season my main goal was to enjoy every moment at every tournament. Frame to frame and just being present while bowling. I thought it clicked those first three tournaments and was excited for the tournaments coming up, but unfortunately I couldn’t quite literally get my feet under me.  But I have the same goal in mind. Be present.  Bowl the best I can and control what I can control.

Favorite new balls – RSTX2 and Gem


ELISE BOLTON – What have you learned most from your time on the PWBA? My time on tour has taught me that you can never completely prepare for everything. Bowling is a constant learning curve. Which in turn is why I love the game. Growth in this sport never stops.

What are your goals for the season? With the injury I have been dealing with this year, my biggest goal is to stick to a solid on and off the lane routine. I think if I accomplished this my goal of averaging 205 for the season can be reached.

Favorite new balls – My favorite balls in my arsenal are the RST X2, Dark Code, and Hustle Wine.



OLIVIA FARWELL – After a very successful collegiate career, what are you hopes and goals for your Rookie season on the PWBA? My hopes and goals for my Rookie season on the PWBA tour are to stay true to myself and stay focused on my game. I want to continue to be successful and I think one key factor in doing that is to be aware of my surroundings and stay in the moment and not look ahead or think of the future. I believe that was part of why my last college season was so successful, I focused on each tournament day by day and I pushed any future thoughts out of my mind because I know that I can’t control the future, I can only control the moment I am in currently. I want to perform my best but also learn from the best and build relationships that are going to help me transition and go through this professional phase of my career.

What is something you learned in college that might help you compete against the best bowlers in the world this season? I received a lot of advice throughout my college career and the one concept that has always been preached to me and what I took away the most from college bowling, is to be aware of others around you, but not so focused on them that you lose track of yourself. I am going to be competing against the best bowlers and some of my idols and role models I’ve looked up to growing up, and that’s such an honor. However, I am here to compete so I want to make sure I am aware but I am focused on my game because that’s what I am able to control.

What are your ultimate bowling goals? My ultimate bowling goal is to continue to be successful and create a name for myself. I am doing the sport I love that has given me so much that I owe it to the sport and my loved ones to continue to push and work hard to be successful.

Favorite new balls – Some of my favorite new balls that I have been throwing recently include the Storm Nova, Storm Axiom, Roto Grip UC2, and more recently the 900 Global Zen. 

For more info about the 2022 PWBA season, click here.