The Mystery Scent is….

When the Infinite PhysiX released on July 8, Storm Fans around the world discovered the Storm Scent on the box was listed as, “Mystery.”

Many people often ask where the idea to add a scent to a bowling ball came from. Our co-founder, Bill Chrisman worked with cleaners prior to creating bowling balls and he knew that scents mattered to customers when they were choosing the cleaner they’d use in their homes. He started adding different scents to bowling balls in the early 2000s and it’s become one of the many factors that differentiates Storm from other brands. Storm fans are now accustomed to find a scent in their bowling ball but those new to bowling are always intrigued.

Though elite bowlers choose their equipment based on performance on the lanes but occasionally, you’ll hear a comment about a scent making a bowler feel more relaxed on the lanes or even might prefer one release over another due to a scent.

With the release of the Infinite PhysiX, Storm launched a contest to GUESS THE MYSTERY SCENT! Bowlers around the world put their nose to the test to guess.

Guesses came in ranging from Blueberry Cobbler to Plum to Dragon Fruit to Lavender Vanilla ot Grape Soda to Blackberry and more! We received 22,446 entries into the contest and more than 1000 guesses of what the scent could be.

In the end, we revealed the story behind the scent in a video that was part of our Summer Live Event.

Watch it here:


Though no one guessed the answer correctly, all those who guessed any combination of a blueberry scent were put in the drawing.

The winners were:

Mike Wichner – Blueberry Muffin

Madeline Aurigemma – Blueberry Cheesecake

Tom Tornow – Blueberry Coconut

Laura Oliver – Blueberry Vanilla

Caleb Kearl – Blueberry Pie

Alex Pirtle – Blueberry Muffin

We hope you had fun guessing the scent with us this summer! Be sure to stay tuned for more chances to win in the future!




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