SPI Tour Management Team Enhancements

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products, Inc. (SPI) has announced several enhancements to the SPI PBA/PWBA Tour Management Team supporting the athletes of SPI leading into the 2023 PBA Tour Season.

The athletes of Team SPI are dedicated to their craft and SPI heavily supports and invests in these athletes throughout the year to help them succeed and achieve their personal goals. To fully service the athletes of Team SPI we have a team of individuals who work together to help the athletes while also managing the needs of the tours.

Bill and Barbara Chrisman, co-owners of Storm, have always had passion for professional bowling. Investing in the growth and success of the PBA and PWBA Tours is important to them. Together they have built a vision for achievement and a winning mentality that is passed on to every employee of Storm. The Chrismans, along with Dave Symes, President of Storm, are involved in the player contract negotiations each year and look forward to supporting and celebrating the players who choose to wear the logos of SPI while competing. As their schedule allows, Bill and Barbara Chrisman as well as Dave Symes enjoy attending the professional events throughout the year.

Gary Hulsenberg, VP of Marketing and Staff is responsible for overseeing the SPI PBA/PWBA Tour Management Team and advises each member of the team. He creates the overall strategy and vision for SPI Professional Bowling. Megan Hadley, based in Utah, serves as Assistant Staff Manager. Her role includes facilitating all of the player contracts, overseeing all of the inbound and outbound shipments for the players as well as the Tour Management Team, and handles the day-to-day correspondence for all the levels of athletes on Team SPI.

Jim Callahan who has over three decades of experience in the bowling industry has successfully served as the SPI PBA Tour Manager for several seasons will transition to the General Manager of Professional Bowling for all the SPI Brands. Callahan’s new role will involve managing player contracts, incentives, and leading communication with the athletes on the SPI National Teams.

Shawn Ryan, who has served as our PBA Tour Representative on both the PBA and PWBA Tour for SPI Athletes has been promoted to PBA Tour Manager and will manage day-to-day operations for Team SPI on the PBA Tour. Ryan he will be responsible for assisting the athletes of Team SPI and all amateur staff players with bowling equipment during competition and coaching their physical games. He will also represent Storm at events and clinics throughout the bowling season. In addition, he will assist with communication and promotion of the Team SPI players on the PBA Tour.

Matt McNiel, who has led the efforts on the PWBA Tour as PWBA Tour Manager with the SPI Athletes has been elevated to the role of Director of Public Relations. In this new position, McNiel will represent SPI at seminars, professional clinics, and various events around the world. He will provide coaching and equipment expertise to educate bowlers on ways to improve while helping us share their bowling stories.

Kelly Kulick, who was named PBA50 Tour Manager last season will continue in this role for the 2023 Season. Kulick is responsible for assisting players with equipment during competition, analyzing their physical games, and providing programs year-round to support the growth of the PBA50 touring players.

Steve Jacobs, who has attended seminars on behalf of SPI and assisted the PBA/PWBA Tour Management Team for several seasons in various capacities has been promoted to PWBA Tour Manager. Jacobs will work closely with Ryan but manage the day-to-day operations for Team SPI on the PWBA Tour. He will facilitate communication with SPI athletes on the PWBA Tour prior to competition and will assist the athletes with their equipment choices and coaching at the events for the 2023 PWBA Tour.

Eric Krauss will join Team SPI in 2023 as the Player Development Manager. In his new role he will assist the SPI PBA/PWBA Tour Management Team as needed at events throughout the season. His role will involve assisting with arsenal building, equipment management, coaching and collaborating with the SPI Tour Team.

At Storm, we hold the highest standards of innovation, quality workmanship, and performance of our products.  The employees are committed to their work and are continuously striving to “raise the bar.” These beliefs and values are passed on to the athletes of Team SPI.

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm, Roto Grip and Global 900 Brands. In addition to creating the highest quality of products that the top athletes choose for PBA and PWBA Tour competitions, Storm strives to inspire existing bowlers, foster and develop new bowlers, and educate those in our industry to provide exemplary service to all bowlers.



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