Inside The Minds of the Tour Management Team

It’s true, there’s nothing like the conditions that you find on the PBA Tour. Though our PBA Tour Management Team communicates with Team SPI on the off-season, some of the coaching and training comes from the conditions that you see on tour. From time to time our Tour Team will try to give a behind the scenes look at some of the things they are working on with players so that you can watch for the adjustments as the players bowl each week.

The tour kicked off in Indy this year at the US Open and fans had the first opportunity to see Kyle Troup bowl for the title. He finished in second place that week. Since that week, Kyle Troup has been working with the Tour Team to add more versatility by changing up his ball roll in different situations. Rather than try to tilt the wrist like a one hander would, Troup has been spreading the index and thumb farther apart when he wants to get some more axis rotation and shape down-lane.

The PBA Tour continues in Wichita, Kansas this week for the PBA Wichita Classic. Watch LIVE on BowlTV or follow the scores here:

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