Wyoming Junior Bowlers Tour Feature

Storm is known in the bowling industry as the innovation leader and manufacturer of performance bowling products but our entire team strives to grow the sport of bowling and create life-long bowling enthusiasts.

Our owners, Bill and Barbara Chrisman generously give back to organizations within and outside of the bowling community throughout the year. Their kindness and willingness to support others is something that all employees embrace within the company. One way that Storm chooses to give back is through sponsorship of tournaments and events that occur all around the world. Storm sponsors hundreds of events throughout the year that give bowlers of all ages and skill levels the opportunities to compete and meet friends from different places.

One of the great youth tournament series that we sponsor is the Wyoming Junior Bowlers Tour (WJBT). The WJBT has given the youth bowlers of Wyoming and surrounding states the opportunity to gain more experience bowling on sport shot oil patterns.

"We are a FAMILY!" Keyne Parker Tremain said.  "Doesn't matter how many stops you bowl, every bowler and their family are welcomed with open arms and instantly become part of the WJBT family. Although our name says “Wyoming”, any youth bowler from any state is welcome!"

The WJBT volunteers, families, sponsors, and proprietors are all dedicated to creating an environment where youth bowlers can learn and develop skills in a lifelong sport to prepare them for bowling regional and national youth tournaments, while earning scholarship money to further their education, making lifelong friends, and most importantly having fun. The bowlers who compete in the WJBT bowlers are not informed of the oil pattern until the completion of the tournament so that they can learn to read lane condition through competition. The youth athletes learn together each month and take their skills to the test at national events successfully.

Over the years, the WJBT has given $16,653 scholarship funds to youth bowlers in the 2021-22 season and also provides the opportunity for youth bowlers to qualify for Junior Gold in the U12-U18 divisions. They've been able to celebrate youth bowlers who are competing in a first tournament and bowlers who are moving on to bowl for a college program.

The WJBT just wrapped up their final event of the season where they had a record number of youth bowlers in attendance and four states (Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado) were represented. In addition, they were able to conduct a fundraiser with an autographed Storm Banner and raised $1,100 for the scholarship fund. We can't wait to see what the 2022-2023 season brings for the bowlers in the WJBT!

To learn more about the WJBT visit the Wyoming Junior Bowlers Tour Facebook page or their website here. 

Kyle Troup Wins Kia PBA Playoffs

Team Storm athlete, Kyle Troup was able to defend his title at the 2022 PBA Playoffs which earned him the $100,000 first-place prize and another WWE Championship Belt, as part of the PBA's partnership with WWE! This is Troup's ninth career PBA title which allowed him to pass his father, Guppy Troup in titles.

“I played pretty close to the same part of the lane just able to throw a different ball, so I didn’t see a lane differential too much,” Kyle Troup said in the official brand release. “I figured Tommy would be in-between which is how it ended up being, so game plan was just to go over top of him. Opened the lane up and the urethane created a lot of hold that really helped me out.”

Throughout the match, Troup used a Storm Pitch Black, Storm Fast Pitch, and 900 Global Altered Reality.

Olivia Farwell Joins Team Roto Grip

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products is proud to announce that collegiate standout, Olivia Farwell has joined Team Roto Grip.

“Joining Team Roto Grip is a dream come true,” Farwell said. “Growing up, I have always said that one day I want to be on the Storm Products team to represent the best brands in bowling. My family has been a part of this team, so for me to continue that family trend is a fantastic feeling. It is a true honor and privilege to be a part of the team, and I cannot wait to represent Roto Grip as I start my professional career.”

Farwell started bowling when she was five and her family has supported her to learn as much as she could about the sport. With their support, she continued to improve, and the constant challenge encouraged her love for the game.

“Bowling pushes you to constantly be better mentally and physically so you can perform at your best. I also love the sport because of the person it has helped shaped me to be and how it has provided me with relationships that will last a lifetime.”

In high school, Farwell won the High School Bowling Girls National Championship, four Pennsylvania Junior Bowlers Tournament Titles, and won a USBC Youth Open Titles in Doubles. She finished her high school career with national records for high two-game series (577) and high five-game series (1,283). She also held Pennsylvania state records for high average (228.3), two-game series, four-game series (995), five-game series and six-game total (1,547). She was named Lancaster/Lebanon High School Bowler of the Year.

Farwell moved on to compete collegiately at Duquesne University where she collected numerous honors including NEC Rookie of the Year, 4-Time All-American, 2-Time NEX bowler of the Year, 4-Time All NEC, NTCA NCAA Division One Bowler of the Year, NCBCA First Team All-American and Storm Collegiate Bowler of the Year Award IBMA Honorable Mention.

“We’ve had our eye on Olivia for several years and are excited that she will be joining the team as she embarks on her rookie year on the PWBA Tour,” Gary Hulsenberg, VP Marketing said. “Our national team is an extension of our family at Storm Products and we look to add athletes who share similar dedication, values and beliefs. We look forward to helping Olivia achieve her dreams.”

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm, Roto Grip and Global 900 Brands. In addition to creating the highest quality of products that the top athletes choose for PBA and PWBA Tour competitions, Storm strives to inspire existing bowlers, foster and develop new bowlers, and educate those in our industry to provide exemplary service to all bowlers.


Celebrating Mother's Day

We're celebrating Mother's Day with a very special feature on some of our Team SPI Athletes who also compete on the PWBA Tour. Read more about how these ladies balance their life at home and on the lanes.



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"It hard but my support system is amazing. My wonderful husband Hank is an amazing father so it's easy to try to be an amazing mother! My parents (Cheryl and Henry) live with us and all they have ever said is go live your dreams, we got this!"

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"Everything! I love his enthusiasm, heart, and just pure fun! I forgot what it was like to be a kid until I had him!!"

What's your favorite thing to do with Aiden?



Toads Fun Zone

Go Karts

Tee Ball

Sushi Dates at Tona (He only gets the Asian Chicken!)"

What's one thing that you hope Aiden can learn from your career on the lanes?

"Dream for the Stars! If you put in the work and put yourself in the right places you can succeed beyond your wildest imagination."

What do you hope for Aiden in the future?
"To be Happy."



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"It's tricky to be able to do it all but I am lucky that Gary is an awesome Dad. I never worry about them when I need to be away from home and they love it when I'm gone!"

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"I just love being a Mom. I didn't become a Mom until I was 42, so I'm very grateful for him. I enjoy sharing this life with him and all that comes with it."

What's your favorite thing to do with Barrett?

"I love just hanging out with B. We have been BFFs since the day he was born and really enjoy each other's company. I love sports so I'm all in for anything he wants to do. He's also a very good traveler so I love when he's able to go with me on trips."

What's one thing that you hope Barrett can learn from your career on the lanes?

"Hard work, dedication, patience and sacrifice. Nothing comes easy and even with natural talent, one needs to work harder than everyone else for success."

What do you hope for Barrett in the future?

"My hope for Barrett is that he finds something he loves to do and is able to make a life doing it like I have with bowling. I hope that I am around long enough to always be his biggest fan."



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"With the help of a village. There is no way I could still live my professional career without the help of my family and friends. I get the guilts sometimes and I'm thankful that my family and friends show me perspective."

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"Honestly, I love all aspects of being a mom. I think because I was a little older when I had Alyssa, I was so ready for that chapter of my life. I learn something new everyday and it has truly taught me the meaning of patience, unconditional love and multi-tasking."

What's your favorite thing to do with Alyssa?

"Talk and hug :) I smooch her all the time and she says, 'ugh mom.'

I said, you will miss this at college."

What's one thing that you hope Alyssa can learn from your career on the lanes?

"Don't ever give up and dig deeper than you ever thought you could because everything is possible!"

What do you hope for Alyssa in the future?

"I hope that Alyssa follows her dreams and lives without regret. That her village is a strong as the village that helped raise her and that her life is filled with laughter, love and hope! Live without fear and make the world better in all that you do."



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"This one is tricky. Finding the balance of being a mom and being a professional bowler has been complicated. It’s a tricky dance for sure. Being able to balance time between mom things, building new things out of passion, and still being a competitive bowler has taken some time to figure out. For me, time management is key. I focus on time-blocking and I always have a weekly plan. I also give myself grace when things don’t go as planned."

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"My favorite part of being a mom is knowing that I get to raise amazing humans that I know will change the world. I learn from them every single day. My favorite part is being loved by two bright lights that were created out of the deep love that John and I share.

Being a mom has always been my biggest goal in life. Knowing that pieces of my heart are outside walking around and making a difference in this world is everything I've ever dreamed of. "

What's your favorite thing to do with Madden & Jersey?



Celebrate Wins.

Mourn Losses.

Lift Others Up."

What's one thing that you hope Madden & Jersey can learn from your career on the lanes?

"That people sometimes won't like you, and it has nothing to do with you.

That you will win because you've lost.

That you can influence people far beyond your talents.

That you should always follow your heart."

What do you hope for Madden & Jersey in the future?

"That they love with their entire heart. That they forgive. That they realize their power and ability to influence their world. That they lead with their heart and follow their passion. "



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"I take my son with me when I bowl. Luckily he is still at an age where that is possible, and I'm very fortunate that I have support from parents and in-laws to be able to do so. However, in the event I cannot take DJ, FaceTime is definitely an amazing thing!"

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"Watching DJ grow and learn new things."

What's your favorite thing to do with DJ?

"Go to Disneyland."

What's one thing that you hope DJ can learn from your career on the lanes?

"To Dream BIG and never give up on your dreams."

What do you hope for DJ in the future?

"I hope that he is happy and gets to do what he loves for a living."



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"In my opinion, one of my best qualities is time management and I believe that's a huge asset to being able to have a successful work-life balance."

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"Having the ability to influence their lives every single day."

What's your favorite thing to do with Levi & Kenzie?

"Taking strolls around the neighborhood in our golf cart!"

What's one thing that you hope Levi & Kenzie can learn from your career on the lanes?

"I hope they learn that nothing can stand in the way of their dreams and that absolutely anything is possible if you want it to be."

What do you hope for Levi & Kenzie in the future?

"I simply want them to find joy in whatever it is that makes their hearts happy."



How do you balance being a mother and a professional?

"Honestly I don't. And what I mean by that is some days I fail. I'm still learning so much. I have a lot of balls that I'm juggling. But my family is patient with me and they give me grace."

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

"Watching her grow into an independent little human. She's at that age where her personality is really shining and it's so much fun to see what each day brings."

What's your favorite thing to do with Lisa Ruth?

"She LOVES spending time outside so we spend a lot of time doing that."

What's one thing that you hope Lisa Ruth can learn from your career on the lanes?

"That you can do anything you want with hard work, a little luck, and by surrounding yourself with good people. Honestly, the last one might be the most important."

What do you hope for Lisa Ruth in the future?

"I hope she gets everything she wants out of life. I hope she knows that failure and success aren't opposites. The first feeds the second. And I hope she knows that no matter where life takes her I will always be her first and biggest fan!"


In February, we opened a charity auction in honor of Jason's 20th Anniversary on Team Storm where fans had the opportunity to bid on this one-of-a-kind beautiful canvas donated by Blake Jamieson. Jason & Blake worked together to create to celebrate the culture of winning that Jason has created throughout his career. The charity of choice to donate the funds raised, was Make-A-Wish Utah.

Make-A-Wish grants life-changing wishes for children going through critical illnesses. According to their website, "wishes are far more than gifts, or singular events in time. Wishes impact everyone involved—wish kids, volunteers, donors, sponsors, medical professionals and communities. For wish kids, just the act of making their wish come true can give them the courage to comply with their medical treatments. Parents might finally feel like they can be optimistic. And still others might realize all they have to offer the world through volunteer work or philanthropy."

Last week, Jason and some team members from Storm traveled to Make-A-Wish Utah to present the funds raised through the auction. When our team arrived, we were greeted by McKenzie and some Make-A-Wish Utah team members who gave us a tour of the facility. We experienced how a wish is granted and heard some stories of some of the Wish Kids.

It was an honor to meet with the team members that grand wishes for these children at Make-A-Wish Utah. Spending just a few hours at the facility inspired our team to look for ways in the future to do more to help.

Through this process, we've learned so much about Make-A-Wish and we'd encourage you to visit their website by clicking here and learn more as well. Most importantly, Make-A-Wish America proudly manages and safeguards the generous contributions of individual donors, corporations and other organizations. The funds support local Make-A-Wish chapters in their day-to-day work granting life-changing wishes.

We look forward to helping Make-A-Wish Utah grant more wishes in the future!

USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule Exchange

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that the USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule has caused you and appreciate your patience and support. Taking care of our customers is our priority.

This is a voluntary process for all current US residents. There are 8 steps to complete your exchange process for your SPI Product.

Once we’ve received the SPI bowling ball(s) that you’ve chosen to Exchange, we will get your Exchange Order into our system. Getting these Exchange Balls made will be our priority, based on volume of returns this could take 3-8 weeks for processing.

For every eligible drilled ball returned, SPI will include a certificate ($50 value) redeemable at your pro shop for drilling.

Each customer is responsible for all shipping expenses for the affected ball(s) to return to SPI Headquarters. SPI is responsible for shipping charges for the exchange ball(s) to the customer.

You will receive an email (please check spam folders) that is required to be printed and placed in the box with your affected SPI bowling ball(s).

If you cannot find the email that is sent to you, please contact community@stormbowling.com.

Click here to view full Terms and Conditions.



Storm Products Inc. takes pride in our people, products, and process.

We’re humbled with the outpouring of support from the bowling industry throughout the United States and worldwide and we will continue to demonstrate our unwavering support towards bowling as we have for 30 years.

We strive to be honest and open in our communication demonstrating both empathy and integrity. Taking care of our customers is of the upmost importance.

All Storm balls are manufactured based on specific ball approvals granted by the USBC, and Storm’s materials and processes do not change at any point during the manufacture of approved balls.  Our testing has shown that many factors, including differences in surface finish, can cause variances in durometer readings. We intend to showcase our testing procedures at a future date.

The vast majority of all competitions in the United States and Worldwide have continued to allow the Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global balls that are affected by the USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule to remain in play. These balls continue to be USBC approved for well over 95% of all other tournaments worldwide.

We understand that at this time, there are many customers who have questions regarding their products and the exchange process. We will be sharing the details of this voluntary process as soon as possible.

Our customers, pro shops, team around the world and the dedicated people who work at our manufacturing plant in the United States every day continue to be our priority as we navigate the USBC National Tournament Exclusion Rule.


The ball models mentioned in the official USBC Press Release remain USBC approved.

For those participating in the national events listed we will offer you an exchange. For those who are unaffected by the national tournament exclusion rule, you can continue to use these products in league and approved tournament play.

The models affected by the national tournament exclusion rule include:

- Storm Phaze 4

- Storm Electrify Solid

- Storm Trend 2

- 900 Global Altered Reality

- 900 Global Wolverine

- Roto Grip UFO Alert

Information about the exchange program will be published later this week on stormbowling.com.

Read the full release here: https://bowl.com/News/NewsDetails.aspx?id=23622337509

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment, accessories, and shoes featuring the Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, Master, and 3G Brands. In addition to creating the highest quality of products that the top athletes choose for PBA and PWBA Tour competitions, Storm strives to inspire existing bowlers, foster and develop new bowlers, and educate those in our industry to provide exemplary service to all bowlers.

Update on the Storm Spectre

UPDATE: 03.21.22

We would like to thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the situation regarding the Spectre and USBC's decision to revoke the approval of this bowling ball.

Below you will find the exchange process and link to properly exchange your Spectre for a product that you can use in USBC Certified Competition. Please note this website is for customers who purchased the Spectre in the US only. If you are a bowler outside of the US, please contact your place of purchase to process an exchange ball.

When accessing the website, please have the following items.

  • Contact Information & Shipping Address For Bowling Ball (if shipping address is the same, you'll be able to select same as customer address)
  • Purchase Location
  • Approx. Date Purchased
  • Pro Shop Name
  • Weight
  • Serial Number of the drilled Spectre
  • A picture of the serial number to be uploaded (this can uploaded straight from a mobile device's photo gallery or a photo can be taken and uploaded straight to the portal)
  • A picture of the drilled ball – grip center showing fingers and thumb (if applicable)

Please note all fields must be completed in order to process the exchange. We will be exchanging balls as quickly as possible. This process may take 3-5 weeks to complete.

Included with your exchange ball will be the $50 drilling certificate to help cover the cost of drilling. This should be treated like cash and needs to be given to your pro shop operator at the time of drilling.

If you have an undrilled Spectre, please email tech@stormbowling.com with your 

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Picture of the serial number
  • Choice of the 7 Balls (Storm Hy-Road, Storm Hy-Road Pearl, Storm Pitch Black, 900 Global Wolverine, Roto Grip Rubicon UC2, Roto Grip Rubicon UC3, Roto Grip IDOL Helios)
  • Replacement Weight

If you run into any issues with the website, please contact 800-369-4402.

UPDATE: 03.18.22

With the USBC’s decision to revoke the prior approval of the Spectre bowling ball we are continuing to explore our options with their findings but understand that taking care of our customers is of the upmost importance.
We will be opening an exchange portal on Monday, March 21, 2022. This portal will allow you to exchange their Spectre bowling ball for another bowling ball from a drop-down list of seven different balls. You will be able to upload a picture of the serial number of your ball and a picture of the drilled holes in the ball.
We will ship the exchange ball directly from Storm HQ to the address of your choice within the US. This process will take 3-5 weeks. Along with the exchange ball, you will receive a drilling certificate in the box.
More information will be available to all of our customers on Monday. Thank you for your patience throughout this unprecedented situation.

UPDATE: 03.16.22

We are disappointed in USBC’s decision on Monday revoking its prior approval of the Storm Spectre bowling ball. Our tests show and confirm that the Spectre ball meets all USBC requirements. Therefore, we disagree with this recent ruling. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the finest high-end balls which are shipped worldwide. When we create a new product, we do extensive testing prior to sending it to the USBC for approval. The USBC then conducts their own studies to determine if the ball is certified for USBC competition. We then get an approval notification and proceed with the manufacturing process.  All that occurred with the Spectre.

Our customers are our priority and deserve the utmost service and respect. While we continue to work through this ongoing situation with USBC, we want to do all we can to take care of our customers. We are currently working on a resolution and process to ensure that if you purchased a Spectre, you will have a product that you can use in a USBC Certified competition.

We will have more information for our customers shortly.

UPDATE: 03.14.22

We were notified this morning that the USBC has revoked approval of the Storm Spectre bowling ball and removed it from the list of balls approved for USBC competition effective March 14, 2022.

Rest assured that we will stand behind our products and will take care of our customers as we have done in our more than 30 years of business. We are working through the situation and will share the process for those who have purchased a Spectre soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our loyal Storm enthusiasts.


BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products is excited to announce that one of the partners of the 2022 Storm Youth Championships (SYC) Tour, Turbo Bowling Accessories, will host the 2022 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo in conjunction to SYC Super Slam which will take place in Columbus, Ohio in June.

“The Storm Youth Championships is happy to partner with Turbo Grips to connect the Collegiate Expo to the SYC Super Slam,” said Leanne Hulsenberg, who serves as Tournaments and Events Manager for Storm Products. “In addition to the physical and mental game seminars by the industry’s best coaches, the Collegiate Expo is a fantastic resource for youth bowlers and parents who are seeking information about opportunities in collegiate bowling. Whether a bowler chooses to attend the Collegiate Expo, the SYC, or both, it will be an exciting week in Columbus.”

The team at Turbo will conduct the 2022 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo June 15-16 at the Columbus Square Bowling Palace for those high-school athletes who are eligible to attend this event. This event will be held across two days instead of its traditional three, and attendees will receive on-lane and classroom instruction from industry coaches and staff players and participate in a mini three-game sweeper tournament.

The Collegiate Expo attracts collegiate bowling coaches from across the country giving families a real opportunity to meet coaches and discuss scholarship opportunities. The coaches who attend receive a recruiting portfolio of all athletes, with college eligibility, academics and other bowling stats and achievements.

“The primary focus of the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo remains to bridge the gap between high school and collegiate bowling,” said Turbo Marketing Director Lori Mraz. “I believe we as an industry have come a long way in developing youth bowling programs, but there still remains a need to help bring athletes, parents and coaches together to assess opportunities in collegiate bowling.”

Immediately following the 2022 Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo, the SYC Super Slam will take place June 16-19 at the Bowling Palace. The SYC Super Slam is the “major” on the SYC Tour Schedule and is a unique experience. This three-day event will include an optional baker team event on Friday and the singles event on Saturday and Sunday. At this event, youth athletes will compete in four five-game rounds where the top three bowlers in each gender and age-based division will earn round medals. At the completion of 20 games, the overall champions in each division will earn the coveted SYC Ohio Trophy, medal, and earn a SYC banner that will be hung at each SYC event until they age-out of competition. In addition, the top two overall youth bowlers in each division will be named to the 2022 Storm SYC All-American Team.

Our SYC Team continues to strive to create events that include a welcoming environment where youth bowlers and their families are all invited to participate in every part of the weekend as we raise funds for a great charity, build friendships, and learn by competing on challenging conditions developed by KEGEL

By connecting the SYC to Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo this full week of activities will connect those eligible youth athletes and their parents who wish to enter both events, with abundant opportunity to learn and discover the steps it takes to move to the next level in their bowling journey.

Each youth athlete will need to register for each event separately. Registration is open for the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo and can be accessed by visiting www.turbogrips.com.

A registration into Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo does not guarantee a registration into the SYC Super Slam. The demand for the SYC events is high and each event sells out quickly, but we do maintain a waiting list for each event. We’ve found that the only fair way to accept entries is to allow those to register on a first-come, first-serve basis on the Storm Bowling website.

More information regarding registration for the SYC Super Slam and the full tournament guide will be posted at a later date.

About the Storm Youth Championships (SYC)

The Storm Youth Championships were created in 2017 to celebrate all the great things about youth bowling. The vision for the SYC began as a way to give back to the bowling community, educate youth bowlers, and bring players and families from around the country together in the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Since the inception, we have awarded more than $450,000 in scholarship funds to youth athletes. For more information visit stormbowling.com/syc.

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment, accessories, and shoes featuring the Storm, Roto Grip, 900 Global, Master, and 3G Brands. In addition to creating the highest quality of products that the top athletes choose for PBA and PWBA Tour competitions, Storm strives to inspire existing bowlers, foster and develop new bowlers, and educate those in our industry to provide exemplary service to all bowlers.

About Turbo Bowling Accessories

Since its beginnings in 1989, Turbo Bowling Accessories has grown to become one of the best and most innovative companies in the industry. Turbo is respected worldwide as a company that is totally committed to giving back to the global community, and improving the sport on all levels with top quality grip and accessory products; and exceptional service to distributors, pro shops, and bowlers everywhere.