Abby Ragsdale Joins Team Storm

BRIGHAM CITY, UtahStorm Products is proud to announce that collegiate standout, Abby Ragsdale has joined Team Storm.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity,” Ragsdale said. “It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was little. My family raised me on Storm. Now being able to say I represent the best brand in bowling, I’m just ecstatic.”

The love of bowling was shared with Ragsdale by her family, especially her grandpa, at a young age. Her family would bowl together every week as she was beginning to compete. They challenged her to keep learning and she continued to improve as she grew. With their support, Ragsdale went on to compete collegiately at the University of St. Francis where she collected numerous honors including the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association Rookie of the Year (2017) and a two-time first-team collegiate All-American (2019, 2020), and Most Valuable Player (2019). She was also named the NAIA MVP as she led the team win the National Invitational in 2017 and Player of the Year in 2019.

“Team Storm is excited to add this top young talent to our national team and we look forward to many successful years,” Gary Hulsenberg, VP Business Development said. “Our national team is an extension of our Storm Family and we look to add athletes who share similar dedication, values and beliefs. Abby is an ideal fit.”

Though her final collegiate season didn’t end as anticipated due to COVID-19 precautions, Ragsdale is proud of her collegiate career and is looking forward to the future.

“There’s a lot of top moments that come to mind as I reflect,” Ragsdale said. “Probably my favorite collegiate moment came as a team. Being a freshman and winning NAIA nationals with all the seniors is something I’ll always cherish. That’s what you go into bowling collegiately wanting to accomplish.”

Ragsdale has continued to stay diligent post-graduation. She has stayed focused on her physical fitness and been working on her mental game. She also has stayed connected with her coach to talk about her mental & physical game. When bowling centers were closed, she put her had in her ball every day and did one-step drills in her backyard.  She will be ready when the PWBA Tour returns.

“I want to make sure I’m representing Storm to the best of my ability.” Ragsdale said. “Rookie of the Year is something I have my eye on.”

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm and Roto Grip Brands. For additional information, visit


Co-Owner of Storm Products, Barbara Chrisman, Lindsay Boomershine, one of our Team Storm members, and Elysia Current, one of our Roto Grip Team members, recently introduced a campaign, titled #StormItForward! Watch their live interview from Storm HQ by clicking here.

This campaign encourages all of Storm Nation to support local communities during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19 by asking your favorite restaurants, local Storm VIP Pro Shops, salons, or other small businesses if you can purchase a gift card or pay for a service in advance.

“We hope that you will join our campaign and Storm It Forward in your local community,” Chrisman said. “The most important thing for all of our friends in Storm Nation is to stay safe and stay healthy. If you’re able to help, we hope you’ll consider joining us.”

Once you purchase a gift card either pass it on as a gift to a person you think might need a smile (while maintaining social distancing) or save it to use after the risk from the virus is over. As you’re doing these acts of kindness (if you feel comfortable) post a photo to social media using #StormItForward.

“Storm it Forward!” Boomershine said. “We want to see social media filled with posts of giving gifts and making another person’s day.”



Seeing The Lanes Like A Tour Rep

Our fans have been submitting hundreds of questions for our LIVE Q&A sessions from Storm HQ.

While we don’t have time to answer all the questions during our Facebook Live shows, we decided to answer some of the questions in different ways. If you have a question that you’d like to submit, send it to us here. 

Each week, some of the members of our Team Storm Tour Reps will be sharing some insight about a question that was submitted. They each have a little different perspective and will help you learn about what the representatives look for in our PBA & PWBA Players bags.

When the ball reps are at the tournaments and watching the staffers how do they figure out which ball is going to fit best for each players?

-Shane Conners


Storm PBA Tour Manager

I have a bit of a system I use to determine the right ball for each player.

  1. I look at the shape of the pattern on the lane.
  2. I determine whether I need an asymmetrical or symmetrical ball
  3. I determine how much flare I will need.
  4. I determine how much core I need.
  5. Then I determine the correct cover I need.
  6. After that, I determine the layout we need.

After answering all those questions and determine the new ball, we then have to match the surface to the particular pattern.

I would say in order of importance.

1) Cover stock

2) Core

3) Layout

That is my formula of how I figure out the ball for each player.


Storm PWBA & PBA50 Tour Manager

I watch practice first and start from there. I work front to back. I look to see how much friction there is in the front to determine the strongest ball I can use. That way I don’t have to use so much surface at the beginning.

In addition, I try to watch what type of release works best. I mean that as in keeping your hand up the back of the ball or having a little more axis rotation. Generally, I like for those bowlers who stay up the back of the ball to choose quicker balls and bowlers who have a little more axis rotation to use balls that are slower off the spot.

Scoring pace comes into play when I’m helping players select their arsenal. I might go with a ball that is on the bigger, slower side to keep it in play if the scoring pace is low. If it is higher, I generally will go with balls that might be a little quicker to increase entry angle. Depending on axis rotation, rev rate, and ball speed, I try to see step downs in the arsenal selection.

With the lane always changing, it is hard to make a black and white solution. You make the best decision you can depending on what you see and the tools each player has to work with.


Storm Tour Representative

That’s a bit of a loaded question. The playing environment in constantly changing lane to lane, pair to pair, different areas of the bowling center have different tendencies so once we put all of that together and understand what the lanes are asking for, we can apply that knowledge to the individual player and their individual style. At Storm, we do the best at creating a catalog that offers a multitude of ball reactions for our bowlers. We are the bowlers company, so we understand the need to have a diverse catalog that helps anyone who uses our products have the best arsenal in the building. Think of golf clubs in a golf bag, every club is used for different situations and creates different reactions. Our team knows what our players have in their arsenals and then uses the information of what we are seeing on the lanes and translates that into what ball the player will need and when.

Watching ball reaction is very much operating in the gray, understanding what makes good ball motion is very difficult and takes a lot of experience / practice. When watching players bowl, I generally ask these questions in my head:

Is the ball reading the lane too soon?

Is the ball responding too quickly or too slowly?

Is the ball getting behind the headpin and not reading the lane soon enough?

Is the player using too much speed, launch angle through the fronts, rotation, roll?

Answering these questions generally points us in a direction that allows for us to zero in on a ball that will allow the players to “see” it. That is, they will be able to see what the lanes are asking for and they can really start making some great shots.


Storm Tour Representative

While at a tournament what I like to do is step back and watch during the practice session. This gives me an idea of where the players are migrating to on the lane. Once I see this, I watch the front part of the lane a lot next, meaning where the ball gets set down at from the players. The front part of the lane is hard for the players to see since generally they are looking further downlane. If the fronts are hooking this will determine that cleaner bowling balls are required, if the bowling ball gets through the fronts easier than stronger earlier bowling balls will be required. Once all of this information is gathered, determining what players should use becomes more of an educated pick instead of what I like to call “I think this might work” guess. Not every player will use the same ball, but they will use  a similar motion based on ball speed, RPM, axis rotation, etc. Generally if the type of ball they need isn’t in their bag we will go down to the truck and drill the player something that falls in that category.

Tournament Group Spotlight: Elite Youth Tour

Storm is known in the bowling industry as the innovation leader and manufacturer of performance bowling products but our entire team strives to grow the sport of bowling and create life-long bowling enthusiasts.

Our owners, Bill and Barbara Chrisman generously give back to organizations within and outside of the bowling community throughout the year. Their kindness and willingness to support others is something that all employees embrace within the company.One way that Storm chooses to give back is through sponsorship of tournaments and events that occur all around the world. Storm sponsors hundreds of events throughout the year that give bowlers of all ages and skill levels the opportunities to compete and meet friends from different places.

Throughout the year we will feature different events and tournaments that Storm Products sponsors so that you can learn more about these groups and even add them to your calendar.

Our first featured event is the Elite Youth Tour (EYT). Storm Products has been the sponsor of this tournament group since the very first event in 2012. The EYT was founded by Team Storm Players, Diandra Asbaty and Jason Belmonte. Asbaty and her team have dedicated countless hours and spent many weekends traveling to give these youth athletes the opportunity to earn substantial scholarship money while building experience to compete at large-scale tournaments.

“For me, I built this tour with the goal in mind to create leaders through bowling,” Asbaty said. “I had all the tournaments that I grew up bowling that prepared me to be a professional bowler in my mind as I created this tour. At the same time, it’s not just a place to become a great bowler. I want to teach these young bowlers to have impact in the world.”

Asbaty who has had a very successful career on the lanes competed collegiately at the University of Nebraska where they earned the National Championship in 1999 and 2001. She was awarded the 2001 Collegiate Player of the Year. She was a 15-time member of Team USA and 2-time member of Junior Team USA earning numerous gold medals all around the world. She has also earned 1 PWBA Major title and a 2-time PBA Women’s Series Champion. Asbaty uses her experiences and what she has learned to try to teach the next generation of bowlers what it takes to be a successful collegiate athlete and encourage their dreams to be a professional athlete.


“Showing them that they can do it is important to me,” Asbaty said. “I knew how to bowl but didn’t know how to do it for a living. I want to teach kids that there is no idea too big. It starts somewhere and they can figure it out along the way.”

Members of the EYT are committed to developing the skills they need to excel in life and in bowling. These young bowlers travel from all over the Midwest to shoe up to compete in tournaments throughout the bowling season.

“I think about the first time I bowled a MJMA” Asbaty said. “It was never on a house shot. The tournament director would go out with an oil spray gun to spray the lanes and that was the pattern. It was frustrating and it was hard. You had to tuck in your shirt, and you had to wear a belt. I want them to bowl in a tournament with rules and to prepare them to bowl like a professional.”

Many EYT players who succeed on the conditions that Asbaty puts out each month go on to a very successful career on the lanes.

Some all-star athletes include:

  • Brandon Biondo - Team USA
  • Karina Capron- U12 Junior Gold Champion
  • Paige Kraushaar - SFA National Champion, All American
  • Ryan Zagar - JR.Team USA
  • Jordan Newham - Vanderbilt National Champion
  • Ryan Winters - Jr. Team USA
  • Nick Kruml - Jr. Team USA, PBA member
  • Taylor Bailey - National Champion - McKendree, All American
  • Giselle Poss - PWBA, All American
  • AJ Chapman: Collegiate Standout, PBA Pro
  • Mabel Cummins: Youth World Champion, Junior Team USA, Vanderbilt, Alberto E Crowe Star of Tomorrow
  • Jillian Martin: Youngest to cash in PWBA event. Junior Team USA
  • AJ Johnson: PBA Regional Pro,
  • Zach Rhoades- Wichita State
  • Abigail Starkey- Junior Gold U12 TV Show 2019
  • Gianna Brandolino- Junior Gold U12 Runner Up 2019
  • Brandon Caruso- Junior Gold U15 TV Show 2019
  • Cameron Crowe – EYT Bowler of the Year 2018 and made Junior Team USA, Adult Team USA and won the National Amateur Championship in 2020

“When I watch the kids succeed at events like the SYC or Junior Gold, I know the EYT made a difference,” Asbaty said. “It is the reason I make them struggle on the tough patterns because it helps them get to the end.”

Most recently, Asbaty says she felt so much pride watching current EYT athlete, Cameron Crowe, win the National Amateur Championships and qualify for Team USA n January. He is the first current EYT athlete to qualify for the adult team.

"Watching Cameron have the confidence to bowl and win against the pros and then go on to make Team USA just fills me up with pride," Asbaty said. "He has no idea what kind of inspiration he is to the younger generation - and he's not even 20 years old yet!"

Asbaty is certain that there are more current EYT bowlers who are on their way to a successful career in the sport of bowling. That’s one reason that she puts an emphasis on preserving the history of the tour especially

through photographs. She believes capturing the photos of future champions as young bowlers competing in their first event is essential. It’s also a fun photo to use as a comparison of then and now.

“You don’t always see everyone competing when they are little,” Asbaty said. “It’s a long process to get there. Seeing these kids grow in front of my eyes every month on and off the lanes makes it all worth it.”

In addition to trophies the champions and those that place are awarded scholarships. In 61 events, Asbaty has awarded $209,759 in scholarship funds.

“Kids get to use this amount of money for their future,” Asbaty said. “Beyond the scholarship that helps them get to college, showing them at a young age that they can make a difference in the world. That’s pretty powerful. I couldn’t do it without the support of the sponsors”

In addition, the EYT is a 501c3 nonprofit that focuses on creating positive youth development and leadership skills utilizing the sport of bowling. The donations contributed throughout the year support the events and activities that allow these young people to prepare for their future. If you are interested in donating, please click here.

“I’ve always been in it to try to help people and to support them along the way. It’s just been my calling. To be able to use this sport as a way of helping other people makes me so proud. I just know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing in bowling. I’m making a difference and that is what matters to me."

Asbaty is always searching for new service activities to introduce to her EYT athletes. In 2020, she has introduced a Mentor Program. She will pair up U20 bowlers with U12 bowlers so that these older players can mentor the younger ones. Her goal is to give the younger athletes tips, things to watch out for at the upcoming event, tricks to do when you feel defeated, and advice for bowling on sport patterns. They will also follow up after the event.

“The goal is to prepare them for their future on and off the lanes,” Asbaty said. “Most recently, I don’t think I’m an overly emotional person but when I gave Mabel her the last trophy she won, her 25th title, I cried. I was filled with the memories of her bowling the tournament as a young girl and not being a champion yet and getting so frustrated. I was so proud of the person she has become. Not just a great bowler but truly an ambassador for the sport. Creating young people that work hard and do the right things like Mabel has always been the intent of the EYT.”

To find out more information about the EYT please visit,


This year, 1,735,350 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in the United States.

Throughout the bowling season, the Storm Nation community comes together to raise funds and build awareness for cancer research.  With the help of the bowling community and a generous donation from the Chrisman Foundation, Storm Products presented a donation of $112,599 to Huntsman Cancer Foundation while continuing to spread awareness for a cause that affects millions.

An additional donation of $30,000 was donated from the Striking Against Breast Cancer Foundation was presented by Donna Conners and Carol Norman. Conners who hosts the Storm PBA/PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Tournament each summer, and Norman, traveled to Utah for the presentation.

“Storm has always been known for innovation and Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) shows the same spirit in their dedication to the creation and improvement of cancer treatments,” Barbara Chrisman, co-owner of Storm Products said. “With our fans support, through the purchase of our PTLP products, Striking Against Breast Cancer and The Chrisman Foundation's funds we are able to sponsor several treatment rooms in The Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers at HCI. The donor plaques on the wall specifically identify that bowling and bowlers care about them.  I truly hope people who are going through the treatment and doing the suffering through this terrible disease know that someone cares and feel something positive through the support from the bowling community from around the world.”

This total donation of $142,599 will continue to improve quality of life for individuals and their families who may experience a cancer diagnosis.  HCI hosts more than 142,000 patient visits annually at its Salt Lake City and community clinic locations. It also serves the largest geographic region of all cancer centers, covering Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming.

The 2019 Paint the Lanes Pink™ campaign featured 300 Limited-Edition !Q Tour 20™  bowling balls, a joint venture between Storm and X Out Breast Cancer to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the famous Striking Against Breast Cancer Bowling Tournament held annually in Houston, TX. In addition, we raise funds through our dedicated PTLP products in the Storm Shop which raise funds and build awareness for breast cancer research year-round.

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm and Roto Grip Brands.

About Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Huntsman Cancer Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise funds to support the mission of Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI):  To understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care.  Huntsman Cancer Foundation is dedicated to ensuring excellence in these endeavors through the development and prudent stewardship of private resources. All HCI fundraising initiatives happen through Huntsman Cancer Foundation, which is a public, functionally integrated, Type 3 501 (c)(3).


Coach Mike Jasnau at Coconut Bowl in Sparks During 2020 USBC Open Championships

Coach Mike Jasnau is partnering up with Coconut Bowl in Sparks, Nevada and will be offering video analysis lessons from March 23 through July 2, 2020. Jasnau, a PBA Champion and long-time Storm Staffer has been coaching professionally for over 20 years and has done well over 10,000 video analysis lessons. Many of you have probably seen Mike on Lane 81 at The National Bowling Stadium in Reno, where he coached for the last 20 years. Over that time, he's proven himself to be a great coach for all abilities from beginners to the numerous PBA and PWBA Champions that he works with on a regular basis.

"I'm looking forward to being set up at Coconut Bowl and being able to continue to offer my coaching services to the many bowlers competing in the USBC Open Championships and any local bowlers who'd like to get more out of their games,” Jasnau said. “Having the use of the SPECTO tracking system for my sessions is a huge bonus as seeing and knowing the stats can help accelerate the learning process," states Jasnau.

Available lesson times and dates may vary and be limited, so be sure to book your session ahead of time to help ensure that you get to take advantage of working with one of the top coaches in the country.

The 90-minute Video Analysis lesson including SPECTO is $160 and the 60-minute Video Analysis lesson (without SPECTO) is $120. Both lessons include on lane instruction and a flash drive with video and audio of the lesson. All junior bowlers will be given a $20 discount off of regular pricing.

You can book you lesson with Mike now by clicking on the following link:

Follow CoachMikeJasnau on Facebook or contact him through email at

Another Winning Weekend For Team Storm

What a great weekend on the lanes for Team Storm!

Throughout the year, Our Team Storm players travel throughout the United States and around the world competing in events. The athletes represent the brands of Storm and Roto Grip on and off the lanes meeting fans and dedicating themselves to the demanding conditions.

The PBA Tour players competed for their third major title in a row at the 2020 US Open. After 56 games, three Team Storm and Roto Grip players Anthony Simonsen, Jason Belmonte, and Chris Via qualified for the championship stepladder.

Ultimately, Jason Belmonte, defeated Anthony Simonsen 226-201 in the title match to claim the green jacket and $30,000 top prize.

“If you watch Anthony bowl as much as I have, he’s a big moment player,” Belmonte said. “Needing three strikes to tie or to win, he’s not afraid of that moment. I didn’t want to give him that opportunity.”

This victory helped Belmonte become only the second PBA Player in PBA History to complete the Super Slam (US Open, USBC Masters, PBA Tournament of Champions, PBA World Championship, and PBA Players Championship).

“My 12th major championship victory and the one I wanted so much,” Belmonte said in the USBC Press Release. “To wear the green jacket and hold the eagle is one of the proudest moments of my career.”

The PWBA Regional Tour traveled to East Providence and Gazmine “GG” Mason defeated Summer Jasmin 238-174 to earn her second career PWBA Regional Title at the PWBA East Providence Regional. She used her Roto Grip Hyper Cell Fused.

“Today, I was really focused on myself and my game plan and knowing my tendencies,” said Mason. “During practice, I made a move in between some shots to see if I had any miss room or if I could be deeper on the left lane. I chose to allow Summer to start the match, which allowed me to finish on the lane that hooked more. I felt if I were to throw one a little faster, it would have a better chance of getting to the pocket in comparison.”

In addition, the Texas State Queens had a strong representation from Team Storm and Roto Grip. Diana Zavjalova claimed the tiara over Team Storm teammate, Stephanie Schwartz.  

“I used Storm PITCH PURPLE and Hyroad Pearl on a very challenging pattern and I am very proud of the clarity I had of seeing the lanes and making the right adjustments.” Zavjalova said.

Rounding out the top 10 were Stefanie Johnson (3) , Genie Franklin (4),  Marianna Noordhoek (6), Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (7), and Tina Williams (8).

Tom Hess rounded out a successful weekend for Team Storm by picking up the title at the Ebonite Fall Classic in Waterloo.

“What started as a very difficult day on the lanes ended up with a win,” Hess said. “I fell from 1st to 3rd during the 6 games this morning. Used an IdolPearl to win my first two matches before switching to this Roto Grip NuclearCell to get the win.”

Though he took a short break from the PBA Tour, he’ll be returning to the action this week at the Indianapolis Open and Roth/Holman Doubles.

As a reminder, you can follow all the Team Storm and Roto Grip players from the PBA Tour all week long on Flobowling.

First SYC Champions of 2020 Named in Las Vegas

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah - The first event of the 2020 SYC Tour was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 15-17, 2020. A total of 210 youth bowlers from 25 different states traveled to compete at the South Point Bowling Plaza. Youth bowlers competed in three five-game rounds on three different Kegel patterns in six different divisions determined by gender and age (U20 Boys, U20 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U12 Boys, U12 Girls) for a national title and a portion of the $17,850 scholarship fund.

“While the Storm Youth Championships awards talented champions, the event is a truly a collection of moments spent with family and friends building memories and raising funds for a worthy charity,” Gary Hulsenberg, Vice President of Business Development at Storm Products said. “The weekend is about spending time together, learning, and having fun throughout the competition.”

The format of the SYC rewards consistency and the overall champions are decided based on the 15 game total pinfall. After two days of competition, six smiling youth athletes are proud to claim their SYC trophies.

L to R: Brianna Archabal (U12G), Katelyn Abigania (U15G), Jennifer Loredo (U20G), Henry Hind (U12B), Bud Sicard (U15B), Jorell Morris (U20B).

The U12 division at the SYC is filled with athletes bursting with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the sport. Brianna Archabal, of Idaho, found her SYC entry wrapped up under her Christmas tree from her parents. She promised them that she would practice and prepare for this event. She has been practicing between 20-25 games a week since November and her dedication paid off when she claimed the U12 girls trophy. In the U12 boys division, Henry Hind, of Tennessee, has traveled to several SYC and he always has the best questions for the SYC staff. His desire to soak up knowledge is contagious, and he has finished as a runner-up three times at the SYC. Over the weekend, he proved to be the most consistent across the three patterns and was able to claim his first SYC title.

In the U15 girls division, Katelyn Abigania, of California, is constantly working to improve her game as she continues to grow into a bright young lady. She was the only repeat SYC champion crowned in Las Vegas. Averaging 212 across the 15 games of competition, she earned her third SYC title. In the U15 boys division, Bud Sicard, of Oregon, commanded the medium pattern averaging 252.6. He rolled a 299 game in the third game of the block and was greeted with many cheers, high fives, and fellow competitors after his twelfth shot of the game. He maintained his consistency throughout the other blocks and was rewarded with his first SYC title.

The U20 division is filled with so much talent and ambition. The athletes are truly refining their skills but still continuing to learn every time they step on the approach. In the U20 girls division, Jennifer Loredo, of California, who has committed to bowl for Vanderbilt University in the fall took home her first SYC title. She bowled a 289 game in the final game of the event to solidify her overall gold medal. Jorell Morris, of California, earned a medal on every SYC condition averaging 243.6 for the entire event to take home the U20 boys title. This was his first SYC title.

In addition to the overall champions, the top three bowlers in each division were presented a gold, silver, or bronze medal after each round.

The Medalists on the KEGEL Short Pattern: U12 Boys – Henry Hind (gold), Braden McDonough (silver), Brek Strobel (bronze). U12 Girls – Malorie Denney (gold), Brianna Archabal (silver), Arden Han Wei (bronze). U15 Boys– Harley Shene (gold), Bud Sicard (silver), Micah Voorhis (bronze). U15 Girls– Katelyn Abigania (gold), Saphyre Nofuente (silver), Morgan Kline (bronze). U20 Boys– Jorell Morris (gold), Ashton Yamasaki (silver), Tyler Weitzman (bronze). U20 Girls– Melanie Katen (gold), Jennifer Loredo (silver), Brooklyn Gagnon (bronze).

The Medalists on the KEGEL Medium Pattern: U12 Boys – Braden McDonough (gold), Henry Hind (silver), Roman Caporale (bronze). U12 Girls – Brianna Archabal (gold), Bella Castillo (silver), Payton Day (bronze). U15 Boys– Bud Sicard (gold), Elias O'Hollaren (silver), Michael Hawk (bronze). U15 Girls– Katelyn Abigania (gold), Avery Domaguin (silver), Stephanie Hong (bronze). U20 Boys– Charles Bostic (gold), Jorell Morris (silver), Julian Michael Salinas (bronze). U20 Girls– Jennifer Loredo (gold), Melanie Katen (silver), Samantha Conti (bronze).

The Medalists on the KEGEL Long Pattern: U12 Boys – Ernesto Reynoso (gold), Roman Caporale (silver), Henry Hind (bronze). U12 Girls – Brianna Archabal (gold), Hana Sangalang (silver), Malorie Denney (bronze). U15 Boys– Micah Voorhis (gold), Mac Kaurin (silver), Elias O'Hollaren (bronze). U15 Girls– Kayla Starr (gold), Avery Domaguin (silver), Olivia Phillips (bronze). U20 Boys– Jorell Morris (gold), Charles Bostic (silver), Travis Zimmer (bronze). U20 Girls– Jennifer Loredo (gold), Caroline Thesier (silver), Melanie Katen (bronze).

Overall Medalists: U12 Boys – Henry Hind (gold), Braden McDonough (silver), Brek Strobel (bronze). U12 Girls – Brianna Archabal (gold), Malorie Denney (silver), Bella Castillo (bronze). U15 Boys– Bud Sicard (gold), Elias O'Hollaren (silver), Micah Voohis (bronze). U15 Girls– Katelyn Abigania (gold), Avery Domaguin (silver), Kayla Starr (bronze). U20 Boys– Jorell Morris (gold), Charles Bostic (silver), Julian Michael Salinas (bronze). U20 Girls– Jennifer Loredo (gold), Melanie Katen(silver), Caroline Thesier (bronze).

Two SYC bowlers, Elias O'Hollaren and Travis Zimmer, rolled their first USBC sanctioned 300 games on the KEGEL Long Pattern.

Throughout the weekend participants and their families were able to attend seminars, learn fitness fundamentals from PWBA Champion and USBC Hall of Fame member, Kelly Kulick. Every bowler who entered the tournament received a Storm !Q Tour Emerald bowling ball to add to their tournament arsenal and were given the opportunity to have it drilled at the South Point Pro Shop.

Charitable giving continues to be a focus for the Storm Youth Championships. A donation of $10 from each entry goes directly to BVBC also known as Ballard vs. the Big “C.” BVBC raises funds for continued research in cancer treatment, specifically in head, neck, and throat cancer through the sport of bowling. BVBC also raises money for nutritional supplements and treatments for those going through the cancer journey. The Ballard Family was on site to host a BVBC silent auction, raffles and more throughout the weekend.

This tournament would not be possible without the support of our sponsors; Storm, Roto Grip, Logo Infusion, Kegel, 3G Shoes, and Bowlers Journal International. The event was livestreamed throughout the two days of competition on the Storm Bowling Facebook Page. Scores were updated live through the official scoring system of the Storm Youth Championships, BowlMetrix.

There will be a total of eight events scheduled for the 2020 Tour. The next state visited on the 2020 SYC Tour will be Minnesota on April 18-19. Entries will open on February 24 at Noon MST. For more information about our upcoming events visit our website,

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm and Roto Grip Brands.

About Ballard vs. The Big “C” (BVBC)

BVBC was created out of love for PBA Hall-of-Famer, Del Ballard, Jr., who has survived his battle with tonsil cancer. Since forming, BVBC has raised over $200,000 to help raises funds for continued research in cancer treatment, specifically in head, neck, and throat cancer. For more information visit



Tyler Jensen Named Chief Business Development Officer - Asia

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Storm Products, Inc. announced today that Tyler Jensen will return to Storm Products as the Chief Business Development Officer in Asia. In his new role, Jensen will continue to maintain our international relationships in Asia and Australia while directing sourcing for products for Storm Products, Roto Grip, and Global Manufacturing.

“The territory has grown too big for one person to handle,” Bill Chrisman, Chief Executive Officer of Storm Products, said. “I’ve been searching for many years for someone who has the desire and knowledge to assist Robert Dong. Tyler enjoys traveling and fostering relationships with the international community. We have come to an agreement and will work together to continue to grow the expanding territory.”

Jensen’s experience in the industry began when he was 16 and opened his first pro shop. He dedicated himself to servicing his customers and mastering the craft. He also became a PBA Member and collected 15 PBA Regional Titles. In 2005, Hall of Fame Members, Del Ballard and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, asked Jensen to manage their first bowling store, Ballard’s Bowling Solutions. He visited Storm Headquarters for the first time in 2005 and was offered the opportunity to work as a Storm Regional Sales Manager for the South Central Territory. He spent 12 years building relationships, educating bowlers about products, and visiting pro shops throughout his territory.  In 2017, Jensen was chosen to serve as Vice President of Dexter Bowling where he has spent the past three years overseeing all parts of the business.

“I’m thankful to Dexter and HH Brown for letting me experience every aspect of manufacturing, marketing and management of such a strong brand. I’m also honored that Mr. Chrisman trusted me to bring me back onto the team.” Jensen said. “I’m very excited. I have spent a lot of time building relationships domestically and internationally. I look forward to expanding those to many more.”

In addition to sourcing and managing relationships, his responsibilities will include tournament, staff, special events, and creating new business for the territory. He will work closely with Robert Dong to continue the growth of the brand in the Asian bowling community.

About Storm Products, Inc.

Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm and Roto Grip Brands.

Randy Pedersen Celebrates 20 Years With Storm

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Randy Pedersen has more than 40 years of experience in the bowling industry and he’s celebrating a monumental anniversary with Storm Products in 2020.

Pedersen was officially invited to represent Storm Products as a full-time touring player in 2001 and quickly found success with the equipment. In 2002, he earned his first title on national television as a member of Team Storm with the X-Factor and from there the relationship continued to flourish. Pedersen continued to represent Storm on the lanes throughout his career. When he decided to stop bowling full-time, he was able to continue to represent the company in appearances at Storm sponsored events around the world as a member of the PR Team.

“Being with Storm for 20 years has been an incredible run and I feel blessed to be part of the family,” Pedersen said. “After my bowling career ended on the lanes, they still saw value in me which is an incredible honor. The management at Storm cares about their people. The loyalty that they show to those who stay loyal to them is invaluable. Storm is the most loyal company I’ve ever been part of.”

Pedersen has 13 career Professional Bowling Association (PBA) Tour titles including a PBA Major title at the 1987 PBA National Championship. In 2002, he earned the Pepsi Open which pushed his career earnings over the $1 million-dollar mark, making him the 24th millionaire in PBA history. Pedersen was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 2011. In 2013, he joined the PBA50 Tour where he won the first event he competed in, the PBA50 Dayton Classic. Pedersen currently serves as a color analyst for Fox Sports on broadcasts of the PBA Tour and as he begins his 20th season, he possesses the second longest tenure for sport, only two years behind Nelson Burton Jr.

“Randy makes bowling a better place,” Dave Symes, President of Storm Bowling, said. “I appreciate what he’s done and continues to do for bowling. He’s a lot of fun to be around and the fans really like him. I think he brings a lot of positive feelings and goodwill to the bowling industry as a whole. I’ve really enjoyed working with Randy and look forward to continuing our relationship with him into the next decade.”

The new decade has marked many changes within the bowling industry and Pedersen is excited about the opportunities ahead for the PBA Tour and the entire sport.

“It’s a really good dynamic for the PBA Tour, that a bowling cooperation now owns the PBA,” Pedersen said. “There’s endless possibilities and they bring a lot to the table. We’ve already seen changes with prize funds, and I think the bowlers will continue to bowl for more money. I hope and pray we can get an expanded tour. I think it’s a pretty exciting time and they’re going to do a lot of really big things for the PBA Tour.”

As Pedersen continues to look forward, he also enjoys reflecting on where he’s been throughout his career. He joined the PBA Tour in 1981 and is nearing his 40th year of membership and his involvement within the sport.

“I feel very fortunate, blessed, and lucky to continue to be involved in television and be part of the Storm Family,” Pedersen said.

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Storm Products Inc. continues to lead the bowling industry in innovation through our high-performance bowling equipment featuring the Storm and Roto Grip Brands. For additional information, visit