Ladies of Team Storm | PWBA Tour Kickoff

The 2022 PWBA Tour seasons kicks off this week with the PWBA Rockford Open in Rockford, Illinois.  The 2022 season will feature 12 events, 7 of which will have the finals airing on CBS Sports Network. This will be an exciting season for the PWBA athletes as they will be competing for larger prize funds including a $60,000.00 first place prize for both the USBC Queens and U.S. Women’s Open.  The season ending PWBA Tour Championship is also a Major title and will close out the 2022 season in Dallas, Texas in August.

The 2021 season ended in October so the Team Storm athletes are eager to hit the lanes after their 6 month break.  Team Storm took home 14 of the 20 tour titles last year and there are many great story lines to look forward to this season.  36 National staff players represent the Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global brands with a mix of rookies to veterans and we look forward to an exciting season.  We chatted with the players who are heading out to the first stop this week to ask them about being a professional bowler, what they are looking forward to, and their goals for the season.  

Liz Johnson - After 26 years of being a professional bowler, what motivates you to start this season and compete? I just feel like I have some fuel left in my tank.  I still love to bowl and compete.  I know I can still be out there with the best of the best.

What are your goals for the season? I still strive to get cashes and cuts every week and I know I have more titles out there to win. I think bowling less weeks with more money including 2 weeks where we have 3 tournaments in one center will work in my favor.  Maybe get as close to the title record as I can of 33?

Favorite new balls - Gem, Nova and UC3.


Kelly Kulick - You had a great season in 2021 but have decided to cut back on your tournament schedule this season?  What factors helped you make that decision?  I ended 2019 in a negative place. I wasn't happy out on tour for multiple reasons. I was proud of my 2021 season. I got out of the gate with immediate success in Minnesota. I was staying with friends, and it set the pace for a positive mindset. I was able to drive to many of the stops which was good on my wallet and replaced the hassle of flying and lugging equipment. My decision to cut back came at the end. I was having difficulty finding the joy in bowling, even when I made cuts and shows. I am very hard on myself and expect so much. When I don't figure out the puzzle, I get mad. I still want to win, but the motivation to put the effort in is not the same. That makes me even more sad.

Storm gave me an opportunity to work with the PBA50. I thought that would be beneficial to the men and myself. Maybe it would motivate me? In a way, it has. The senior men are impressive to watch and learn from. I reached out to some of my friends for advice and they helped me to my decision. In some way, I hope I do want to bowl more events. I'm a realist. The world we live in is scary to me at times. I'm always wondering what if? This sport has rewarded me in so many ways, but it also has let me down. Will it ever gain the respect it deserves? I guess I'm a little tired of fighting for our sport. And there also comes a time when you start thinking about the future and what it looks like. Can't bowl forever. Still waiting to win the lottery!

You have become the first ever female ball rep and have recently been working with PBA50 players having a lot of success?  Are you enjoying your new role and do you think it will benefit your own bowling? I am immensely enjoying my role as ball rep on the PBA50 Tour. Every ball they roll, I roll with them. I want our players to be successful and have every opportunity to win. The pressure is just as intense repping as it is when I'm actually bowling. As a rep, you relay information and allow the player to decide for themself. The playing field and lane condition is the same for everyone, but each athlete has a different style, with differences in speed, rotation, and ball choice. What works for one may not work for another. It keeps me on my toes. I don't envy our team of reps and their responsibility. I find it harder at times. Because of this, I am seeing ball reaction and understanding it even faster. There are similarities with the PBA50 tour and PWBA. The lanes tighten up after the first game and a half similar to ours depending on what the pattern design is. Ball surface is most important as well as ball speed. This short duration repping will benefit my reactions and decisions when bowling for myself. Certain oils match certain covers within our brands. With all the information I have gathered, my guesses will be better and quicker. One extra strike a game is huge. Our game continues to evolve. Our variables constantly change. There is never a definite answer. If you can eliminate what doesn't work, it makes the solution much easier to seek out.

What are your goals for the season? I am bowling 6 events. My goal is to make every cut and learn. I still have a desire to win and compete. I still love bowling but I'm not IN love with bowling. I am in good health and above average shape. I would like to walk away with one more major title and a few more on my resume.  I would also like to learn as much as I can to be a better rep and coach for Junior Team USA.

Favorite new balls - I like some of the balls introduced in 2021. UC2, Dark Code, Zen Master are my top 3. I also like the UC3 and Nova.


Danielle McEwan - Following a year that you dealt with an injury to your foot, how is your foot doing as you start the PWBA season in 2022?  Last year was very difficult and challenging due to my injury. It has been taking a long time to work through, but it is doing much better.  It is certainly an improvement from the start of last year!

What are your goals for the season? Coming back from a injury has forced me to work harder and smarter than I ever have before. I believe if I can put it all together, I can do something great and it can be the best season yet.

Favorite thing about being a professional bowler? My favorite thing about being a professional bowler is the ability to travel the country and the world and meet people from all over.

Favorite new balls – Nova


Bryanna Cote - You are entering your 7th season on the PWBA Tour as the reigning Player of the Year.  Is there any added pressure to perform as well as you did last season? As being reigning POY, I think it comes with added pressure. However, it’s not something that I’m going to be thinking about this season.

What are your goals for this season? My goal, just like every other season, is to be as consistent as possible. In the end, if that means I’m POY again, so be it. I just need to focus on each frame, each game and each event. I must stay as present as possible and whatever happens, happens.

Favorite new balls - I’d say the newest ball I really like in my arsenal is the Nova. It compliments my Physix really well! 


Josie Barnes - It’s been more than 6 months since you ended your 2021 season with a huge win at the US Open, how excited are you to return to the lanes? I’m both excited and nervous! Long breaks really build up the energy to be back on the lanes. This season will be interesting because everything is back to back, so being away from family will be hard. I just feel lucky to be able to compete another season. I’m also super excited because my sister is getting back into competing and she’ll be out on tour for parts of the season!

What are your goals for this season? My main goal this season is to trust what I do. Last season was a struggle until the Open and a large part of this is because I was trying to be something I wasn’t. Outside of that the goal is always going to be putting myself in situations to win a title.

Favorite new balls - Right now my favorite is the Nova! The gem is growing on me as well. 


Julia Bond - In just your 2nd year on tour, you won 3 titles (1 major) in 2021 and were nearly Player of the Year?  How do you follow up that season in 2022 and what are you looking forward to? In 2021 I felt like I was figuring out who I was as a person and as a bowler. I learned a lot about myself, and I did a lot of growing on and off the lanes. I’m hoping to build upon what I’ve already accomplished so far. To me it’s not so much as ‘following up’ the previous season, but continuing the learning process that I’ve started. I’m really looking forward to the new tour stops this season and helping represent the PWBA!

Favorite new balls - My favorite new ball is the Nova. 


Verity Crawley - In 2022, you are coming off of the 2021 season where you won your first title and was in the Player of the Year running?  How do you follow that up and what are your goals for the 2022 season? The important thing for me, is to actually not focus on what happened last year and not ‘try to follow it up’. I had an amazing season last year and by no means will I forget how I performed, however this is a new year, with a fresh mindset. I cannot copy what happened in the past, nor can I try to perform better. I just have to bowl and trust myself.

My main goals for this year are to:

  1. Use my mental routine before every spare shot, to eliminate any negative thoughts and allow me to be fully focused on what’s infant of me.
  2. Enjoy the thrill of competing. Embracing the moment and realising how lucky I am week in and week out. Remember it is just a game. No regrets.

For me, the biggest change in 2021 was my mindset. My pure happiness to be on the lanes. That came from being sent home for three months and having bowling taken away from me. It completely changed my perspective and I believe that it really benefited me. This year, I haven’t had bowling taken away from me, I have been able to train fully, besides some injury.  I really want to focus on that thankful mindset and the pure joy of being able to compete against the best in the world.

What have you learned from your years on the PWBA Tour? I have learnt so much, I don’t even know where to start. Here’s a few things:

There are some phenomenal women bowlers. Traveling can be fun, it can also be very stressful. Plan as well as you can, to allow you to be stress free. Whether that is flying a day early or taking some time to have a nice dinner, do what makes you happy. We bowl on hard lane conditions, it’s really important to understand what your equipment does, to allow you to make smarter decisions. The struggles will make you stronger. Take notes from every event, learn from the good and the bad situations. There is no such thing as failure. However, those struggles will be hard and it’s important to put life in perspective in those hard times. Being healthy and aware of your nutrition will allow you to survive event to event. If you don’t take care of your body, injuries or even just fatigue, will prevent you from competing at your best. Be thankful for competing with/against the best in the world. There are many people who will never get that opportunity. Learn from them.

Favorite new balls - My arsenal for tour this year, consists of some staple favourites, the Storm !Q Tour, Phaze II and then I have some other favourites such as the Storm Dark Code, Proton PhysiX and 900 Global Zen Master. I'll be taking 12 balls with me to the first PWBA event! 


Diana Zavjalova - After nearly 6 months since the last PWBA event, what are you most looking forward to when the season starts? I'm most looking forward just being out on the tour. I truly enjoy bowling these events and traveling from one stop to another with my dear friends and just enjoying life. It sounds a bit cliche, but I love just being out on the tour and competing. It's challenging, frustrating, fun and all the things you can imagine, and I enjoy that.

What are your goals for the season? My goal for the season is to get back in the winner’s circle! And I have a very good feeling this year!

Favorite new balls - Well my all-time favorite is RST X1, which is not new. But from the new ones I really adore Wolverine and Gem. 


Missy Parkin - You joined Team Storm this year, how long did it take you to get used to new equipment in your arsenal? Getting used to the new equipment has definitely been a learning curve. I think it took me a solid 2-3 months before I really felt like I fully understood my arsenal and didn’t have any major gaps. I was also very fortunate to have a lot of help in that regard, both from my visit to Utah in late January, the ball reps and my coach John Janawicz.

What are you most looking forward to this season? Having the ability to bowl my “A game” more often since the Storm equipment allows me to do so, as well as having added help on the lanes from the ball reps.

What are your goals for the season? Winning another Major, specifically the US Open and Player of the Year

Favorite new balls - The Gem, Idol Helios, Phaze II and Pitch Black. 


Clara Guerrero - Have you enjoyed joining Team Storm and getting used to new equipment as you train for the season? Yes, I have truly enjoyed getting to know the balls and setting my new arsenal for the PWBA season. I can stay aggressive on the lanes and I can’t wait to compete in my upcoming competitions representing Storm.  Also, I have had incredible support from the Storm team and headquarters since I signed in January and this has made the entire process much easier.  I am thankful and excited!

What do you like best about being a professional bowler? What I like the most about being a professional bowler is that I can do what I love for a living.  The adrenaline of competition, traveling the world, and getting to know amazing people on the way is not too bad either.

What are your goals for the season?  To win! To have my best season to date yet.

Favorite new balls – I love my RSTX 1, Dark Code, UC3, IQ tour.


Jillian Martin – What events are you planning to bowl this season? I would love to bowl them all but I have other events I’ll be bowling like Jr Team USA so I’m not sure just yet. I am going to bowl whatever I can bowl while still maintaining my physical, mental, and emotional health.

What is the most important thing you learned from the PWBA events you bowled last year? Even though I only bowled a few events last season, I would say the most important thing I learned would be that you can push yourself to do incredible things as an athlete, but it’s not always best for yourself as a human being. At the end of the day we are people, not just athletes, and finding that balance is something I’m learning to prioritize.

After making history and being the youngest ever to win a professional title, what are your goals for this season? My goals for this season are not traditional. I want to be a happy, healthy 17-year-old, and enjoy my last few months with my friends before I go to college. As a competitor I would obviously love another trophy, but my biggest goal is to put who I am as a person in front of who I am as an athlete. I truly believe it will allow me to exhibit a new level of passion and joy on the lanes that will allow me to compete at my best and enjoy every moment.

Favorite new balls - The Nova has been a recent favorite, and I’ve grown really fond of the Dark Code over the last month even though it got released almost a year ago now! Excited for the Zen Soul too!!


Diandra Asbaty - How do you handle being a full-time Mom, entrepreneur and bowler? It’s a tricky dance for sure. Being able to balance time between mom things, building new things out of passion, and still being a competitive bowler has taken some time to figure out. For me, time management is key. I focus on time-blocking and I always have a weekly plan. I also give myself grace when things don’t go as planned.

What are your plans for the PWBA season? I’m planning on bowling Rockford, The Queens, Minnesota, US Open, and the Luci. I’m looking forward to jumping back into it!

What are your goals for the events you’ll be bowling? My goal is always to represent myself and my sponsors with integrity and grace. I don’t believe in regrets so I will put everything I have out there and when everything is done I will feel content that I did what I could. While I bowl with my entire heart, I look forward to mentoring the young players on tour as well.

Favorite new balls - SO MANY new favorite balls! I love the Gem, Idol Helios, and the Nova so much! Can’t wait to compete with them. 


Lindsay Boomershine - What are you most looking forward to when the PWBA season starts? I’m looking forward to a bunch of different things when the PWBA season begins to start. We are lucky to have a Tour to compete on, so for starters I’m grateful for that. I’m also eager to get going and hope to see my physical and mental preparation pay off. I’ve been working hard on all aspects of the game. Every year I want to be stronger, smarter, and more prepared than the last. Now that my son Aiden is at an age where he understands my profession, it is harder to leave him every year but I want him to see that you can have it all. You can have wonderful family/friends, a successful career, but most importantly anything is possible if you sent your mind to it! I want him to be proud of me and I hope once he decides what he wants to do, he never gives up, and goes for everything he wants in life.

What are your goals for the season? My goals for this season are very simple. I am going to stay present, patient, and most of all persistent. I’m hoping that if I stick to my plan and make smart decisions that I will hopefully have my best season yet and win my 1st title. I truly believe if I stick to my process that I will have an amazing season and show my wonderful husband and son that dreams with hard work can ultimately pay off.

Favorite new balls – Reality, Zen Soul, Zen, IQ Tour, UC3 


Gazmine Mason - What are you most looking forward to this season? I am really just looking forward to competing and being in that atmosphere again.

What have you learned the most from being on tour a few years now? I have learned that patience really is key.  Being patient slows everything down for me and helps me process what the lane is asking me to do much faster.

Favorite new balls - Phaze 4, Nova, Altered Reality 


Maria Bulanova - You had a very respectable rookie season on the PWBA Tour last year.  What was the most important thing you learned last year? There are so many things I learned last year, but surprisingly the most important thing is not directly about my time on tour. I realized how important off-season is because it is the only thing that is guaranteed to be with me at every stop I go to. I believe the biggest mistake I made last year was simply "keeping up" my form instead of working on my weak spots, which ended up hurting my scores at times last year. This year's schedule is very tight, allowing little to no practice in between stops, so I have been working on a lot of things in the offseason to be fully prepared for anything tour throws at me this year.

What are your goals for this season? My big goal for this season is to obviously make more cuts and, hopefully, win my first title. My small goal is to stay in the game and take it one shot at a time. Last year I found myself going with the flow way too many times, losing focus. I am determined to change that this year and do better!

Favorite new balls - Nova, my new freshly drilled Dark Code and Idol Helios


Kayla Bandy - What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to competing against the best women in the world for another season.  The non-tour season looked very different for me this season so I am very much looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish after a good bit of work.

What have you learned from being on the PWBA Tour? I have learned that to be successful on the PWBA Tour you better be 1. confident in who you are as a person, 2. know exactly what makes you a bowler well-equipped to be successful professionally, and 3. have a SOLID inner circle!

What are your goals for the season? Patience with a good balance of — go after what you want!

Favorite new balls - I am not playing favorites with my bowling balls this season. I am excited about every single ball in my bag and the “slot” it fills in my bag!  


Lauren Pate - What have you learned from being on the PWBA Tour? Patience is key and to always stay present.

What are you looking forward to this season? I look forward to competing again. I feel I have grown alot the past year and I feel I am in a really good spot with my game.

What are your goals for the season? Some goals I have, are to grab a check every week, finish in top 12 at stops, and most importantly, win my first PWBA Tour Title!!

Favorite new balls - I’m really loving a shiny 900 Global Reality, Hyped Pearl and Hyped Hybrid, and the !Q Tour. 


Abby Ragsdale - What was the most important thing you learned from your 1st year on the PWBA Tour? The most important thing I learned from my first year was adjusting to how different things are from the college level to the PWBA. One of those being, that I had my teammates with me every step of the way as well as coaches and on tour you’re mostly figuring things out on your own. Just knowing the process of how things worked is an adjustment. Usually in the collegiate level, coaches or teammates show you the ropes but on tour, you just have to jump in head first.

What are you looking forward to this season? I’m looking forward to improving on some of the struggles I had last year. I’m also looking forward to seeing some of my friends that I haven’t seen since the ending of last tour!

What are your goals for the season? My goals for this season are to stay in the present moment, don’t let the moment get too big, and get deeper into the tournaments besides just cashing.

Favorite new balls –  Nova and Gem


Jodi Woessner - You won the Senior Queens earlier this year, how do you feel about possibly winning the regular Queens to make history? I would love to make history and feel I have as great of a chance as anyone to win. I’ve been disappointed in a few of the recent Queens by missing the cut but have a lot of confidence going into this year. I’ll have the same mentality as I did at the Senior Queens, play smart, make good shots and win matches!

What are you most looking forward to this season?  Mostly I’m looking forward to the competition and to continue applying what I’ve learned about the game and my game. I also love that I’ll be able to drive to the first 2 tournaments in Illinois then after a couple week break, drive to the US Open in New York. Thinking about hitting a PBA 50 stop or two as well!

What are your goals for the season?  I’m nowhere near done competing so until I am, the goal is always to put myself in position to win and keep learning. The saying “if I only knew then what I know now” is so real and now the goal is to know how and when to use the knowledge I’ve gained to make the best decisions on the lanes.

Favorite new balls - Phaze 4, Wolverine and Nova


For more info about the 2022 PWBA season, click here.


The Ladies of Roto Grip | PWBA Tour Kickoff

The 2022 PWBA Tour seasons kicks off this week with the PWBA Rockford Open in Rockford, Illinois.  The 2022 season will feature 12 events, 7 of which will have the finals airing on CBS Sports Network. This will be an exciting season for the PWBA athletes as they will be competing for larger prize funds including a $60,000.00 first place prize for both the USBC Queens and U.S. Women’s Open.  The season ending PWBA Tour Championship is also a Major title and will close out the 2022 season in Dallas, Texas in August.

The 2021 season ended in October so the ladies of Roto Grip are eager to hit the lanes after their 6 month break.  The SPI players took home 14 of the 20 tour titles last year and there are many great story lines to look forward to this season.  36 National staff players represent the Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global brands with a mix of rookies to veterans and we predict an exciting season.  We chatted with the players who are heading out to the first stop this week to ask them about being a professional bowler, what they are looking forward to, and their goals for the season.

SHANNON O’KEEFE - Have you enjoyed joining Team Storm and getting used to new equipment as you train for the season? Coming back to Storm after all these years is most certainly the best decision I could have made at this time in my career. Not only does it feel like I’m coming home, I then get the bonus of an amazing support staff and great friends that are also on staff to help me learn quickly in preparation for the PWBA Tour.

You’ve had so much success the last 5 years on the PWBA Tour, how do you motivate yourself each season? What motivates me is the desire to be the best, and I love to win, so those things really motivate me.

What are you most looking forward to this year? I’m most looking forward to continuing my working relationship with Shawn Ryan, we had so much success together in 2018 & 2019, so I’m excited to get back to work chasing down titles together.

Goals for the season? My goals are to show up, be present, put myself in position to win titles, and be Player of The Year again.

Favorite new balls – My favorite balls right now are: Phaze II, Zen Master, Dark Code, and Hyroad Pearl.


STEFANIE JOHNSON - How do you handle being a full-time bowler, full-time Mom and a job working for Roto Grip?  I think it's super important to surround yourself with an amazing support system that allows me to pursue my dreams.  I am able to compete knowing my husband and mom are back home holding down the home front and then of course I am blessed to work for a company that allows me the opportunity to essentially work from home (or anywhere) while I am fulfilling my dreams of bowling on tour. The key to me for all of it is to just enjoy the moment I am in and embrace what that brings.  I am thankful for technology to keep me connected to my family!

What are your goals for the season? What are you most looking forward to this season? My goals have shifted over the years, rather to place a number on the amount of cuts or titles I may have the opportunity to win, I am focusing more on truly giving myself the grace to be great, the grace to not be so great and know that in all of the moments I always did the best that I could.

Favorite new balls - Tough question but I’d have to say my Hyped Pearl and my Zen are still two of my favorite balls.


JORDAN RICHARD - What are you looking forward to this season on the PWBA? I’m most looking forward to being around all my friends again every week. Also looking forward to learning and gaining knowledge each week to get better.

What are your goals for the season? My goals for this season are to make every cut and win another title.

Favorite new balls - Idol Helios and Nova.



ROCIO RESTREPO - You’ve had some injuries the last few years, are you healthy again and ready to compete? I have had 3 different surgeries in the past three years. I only sustained one major injury which was my hip. But everything else before was related to my health which seems to be finally getting under control and I am feeling better now.

My hip rehab has been one of the hardest things I ever had to do. It was a time where I developed a lot of patience. Reignited my love for bowling and gave me perspective of where I want to go from here.

What are your goals for the season? My goals for the season are simply focus on my process and give my best every event. I have not bowled a tournament since the Women’s US Open last year. So I am coming in with a fresh mind and just grateful that I am walking and able to throw a ball efficiently again.  I am embracing gratitude this season for all the things I could not do while I was hurt.

What do you like most about being a professional bowler? I love making my family proud and letting them know that all the sacrifices we have made, had led me to be one of the best in our sport. I love bowling and I love being a pro athlete because it has given my family and I something to laugh, cry, and be passionate about.

Favorite new balls - Gem, Zen, and Zen Master


ELYSIA CURRENT - What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to being able to compete again.  After last season feeling good and ending up injured after 3 tournaments was a big disappointment.  I am hoping my body (mainly my back) stays together longer for me to get through the season.

What are your goals for the season? Obviously a goal would be to win, but like last season my main goal was to enjoy every moment at every tournament. Frame to frame and just being present while bowling. I thought it clicked those first three tournaments and was excited for the tournaments coming up, but unfortunately I couldn’t quite literally get my feet under me.  But I have the same goal in mind. Be present.  Bowl the best I can and control what I can control.

Favorite new balls - RSTX2 and Gem


ELISE BOLTON - What have you learned most from your time on the PWBA? My time on tour has taught me that you can never completely prepare for everything. Bowling is a constant learning curve. Which in turn is why I love the game. Growth in this sport never stops.

What are your goals for the season? With the injury I have been dealing with this year, my biggest goal is to stick to a solid on and off the lane routine. I think if I accomplished this my goal of averaging 205 for the season can be reached.

Favorite new balls - My favorite balls in my arsenal are the RST X2, Dark Code, and Hustle Wine.



OLIVIA FARWELL - After a very successful collegiate career, what are you hopes and goals for your Rookie season on the PWBA? My hopes and goals for my Rookie season on the PWBA tour are to stay true to myself and stay focused on my game. I want to continue to be successful and I think one key factor in doing that is to be aware of my surroundings and stay in the moment and not look ahead or think of the future. I believe that was part of why my last college season was so successful, I focused on each tournament day by day and I pushed any future thoughts out of my mind because I know that I can't control the future, I can only control the moment I am in currently. I want to perform my best but also learn from the best and build relationships that are going to help me transition and go through this professional phase of my career.

What is something you learned in college that might help you compete against the best bowlers in the world this season? I received a lot of advice throughout my college career and the one concept that has always been preached to me and what I took away the most from college bowling, is to be aware of others around you, but not so focused on them that you lose track of yourself. I am going to be competing against the best bowlers and some of my idols and role models I've looked up to growing up, and that's such an honor. However, I am here to compete so I want to make sure I am aware but I am focused on my game because that's what I am able to control.

What are your ultimate bowling goals? My ultimate bowling goal is to continue to be successful and create a name for myself. I am doing the sport I love that has given me so much that I owe it to the sport and my loved ones to continue to push and work hard to be successful.

Favorite new balls - Some of my favorite new balls that I have been throwing recently include the Storm Nova, Storm Axiom, Roto Grip UC2, and more recently the 900 Global Zen. 

For more info about the 2022 PWBA season, click here.











The Ladies of 900 Global | PWBA Tour Kickoff

The 2022 PWBA Tour seasons kicks off this week with the PWBA Rockford Open in Rockford, Illinois.  The 2022 season will feature 12 events, 7 of which will have the finals airing on CBS Sports Network. This will be an exciting season for the PWBA athletes as they will be competing for larger prize funds including a $60,000.00 first place prize for both the USBC Queens and U.S. Women’s Open.  The season ending PWBA Tour Championship is also a Major title and will close out the 2022 season in Dallas, Texas in August.

The 2021 season ended in October so the 900 Global ladies’ pro staff are eager to hit the lanes after their 6 month break.  The SPI players took home 14 of the 20 tour titles last year and there are many great story lines to look forward to this season.  36 National staff players represent the Storm, Roto Grip, and 900 Global brands with a mix of rookies to veterans and we predict an exciting season.  We chatted with the players who are heading out to the first stop this week to ask them about being a professional bowler, what they are looking forward to, and their goals for the season.

Stephanie Zavala - You won 3 titles in your rookie season and were nearly Player of the Year.  How do you follow that up this season? I hope to follow last season by simply continuing to put myself in a position to win. With a shorter season, I don’t want to add unnecessary pressure to “beat” my accomplishments from last year. I just need to stay true to myself and the good weeks will come.

What did you learn from your first year as a professional bowler? I learned how important having a strong mental game is. It helped me to know the difference between needing to stay patient and when to be aggressive on the lanes in crucial moments.

What are your goals for the season? My goals this season are to win a major and claim Player of the Year.

Favorite new balls - My favorite new ball in my arsenal is the 900 global Zen Soul. 

Daria Pajak - You had an off-season injury.  How is the injury and are you ready for the season? I have been dealing with chronic pain in my elbow since I can remember however it has always been under control till November 2021. After taking 3 weeks off bowling, when I got back on the lanes, I realized something felt seriously wrong. I was experiencing sharp pain in the push away away and unlike in the past, I couldn’t find a way to get rid of it.

Ever since November 2021 I have had countless rehab sessions physiotherapists, I had plasma injected twice, few acupuncture sessions, dry needling, I have barely bowled.

Even though injury is strictly a physical pain, I have had a hard time dealing with it mentally. With the pressure of tour being around the corner and my rehabs and everything not paying off in the ways I wished and was promised by the doctors, I have experienced waves of anxiety and uncertainty coming to this PWBA 2022 season.

What are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to competition itself. The adrenaline, the need to strike, the laughs with the girls between the games, the late nights spent at the PWBA truck figuring out what ball may strike the next day. I am looking forward to interacting with the fans as for the first time since COVID19 we will have Pro Ams again. PWBA is an environment hard to describe. When the season starts, I feel like I am closed in this certain bubble when everything spins around bowling and the performance and this is something that no other tournaments have ever given me. For that reason, the PWBA tour is special.

Goals for the season? I have started preparation for 2022 PWBA tour was soon as PWBA 2021 season came to an end. I have put together a practice plan and a goal list with my coach - Costas Mitsingas. However, the injury got in the way and I was unable to follow through on the regime I first was so excited to follow.

My goal for this season unlike the goals I have established in the late 2021 is to listen to my body and don’t let the mental side of being injured get in my head.

Favorite new balls - I have drilled a few balls in the past month and my favorite ball from the newer ones would be NOVA and my all-time favorite which I drilled again would be IQ Tour.

Taylor Bulthuis - What have you learned from your time on the PWBA Tour? I learned that my mental game is more important than equipment, reps, or my ability to bowl. EVERYTHING is between the ears and if I do not have my mental game with me everything else is going to fail. I have worked a lot over the last few months and have done a lot of reading and journaling so I feel like I am giving myself the best opportunity for success since I have been working on my mental game very hard.

What are you most looking forward to this season? I am looking forward to competing again. There is something special about competing on tour and nothing else really can relate to or give that feeling. I am excited to be back and ready to take on what we got!

Goals for the season? My goals are to start by making the best quality shots I can, give myself the best chance at making every cut, and eventually getting over that hump to make a show. I feel like I keep getting close but just not getting over that making the cut and cashing hump. This season I want to keep making strides and really stay within myself at each stop and work harder and harder until I make a show and WIN!

Favorite new balls – Zen Soul

Alexis Neuer - What did you learn from your rookie season in 2021?  As with any sport, when making the jump into the professional realm there were so many learning experiences from my 2021 rookie season. The most notable experience was honestly learning who I was as an individual bowler. With the exception of a few individual tournaments, for the most part my entire competitive bowling career has been team oriented. I never truly realized how consumed I was within my teams until I was there at my first PWBA stop with all my thoughts to myself. When competing on a team there was always something I could be doing to help my teammates. Now all my thoughts are focused on myself. But with every stop I learned something new about myself and my game. Learning how to be confident as an individual bowler will always be something I need to work on, but I am excited to start the 2022 tour season with an improved frame of mind.

Goals for 2022 season? My top goal for the 2022 season is to make my first tv appearance, and cash in all the events.

Favorite new balls in your arsenal?  Reality and Zen will always hold a special place in my arsenal. But I’m super excited to see the Rubicon UC3 and Idol Helios go down the lane this tour season!

Cassandra Leuthold - What have you learned most from being on Tour? Mindset is everything. Over the last couple of years, I have worked closely with a mental sports performance coach at Mindset 180 Academy. I have learned that your core beliefs drive your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. You always have a choice in how you respond to an event, your response to that event will influence the outcome. You have the choice to respond with positive self-talk/thoughts or negative self-talk/thoughts. The biggest thing that I have learned from that principle is to shut down negative self-talk. Negative self-talk won't help you reach your goal. My mental coach once said to me, "There is no room for negativity in the space you want to become great in." As a professional bowler that space is 80 feet. In that 80 feet there is 60ft of lane, 15ft approach, and 5ft for the settee area and in this space is where I am learning to cultivate greatness. That quote led me to my positive mental mindset reminder "80ft of Greatness." This reminder helps me stay focused on what I want to achieve.

Goals for the season? My goals are to make a TV Show, win a title, and continue growing in the "80ft of Greatness."

Favorite new balls - The Reality, Zen Master, Nova, and the Helios are my newest favorites.

For more info about the 2022 PWBA season, click here.





















20 Years and Counting | Storm Staff Feature

At Storm Products Inc. we believe in our people. Those who become Staff Members on Team Storm share our vision and values. They share our love for the sport of bowling on and off the lanes, continue to inspire existing bowlers, and help to develop new bowlers. We're honored to recognize seven of our Team Storm members who have been loyal to our brand for 20 years or more.

BRIAN HIMMLER – One of the first Storm PBA staffers is PBA Champion, Brian Himmler.  Brian, nicknamed Chief, joined the Storm staff in 1996 and went on to win 4 PBA National titles as well as 7 PBA Regional titles in his 24-year career.  He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and owns and operates Brian Himmler’s Pro Shop inside Cherry Grove Lanes. Brian is a Silver Level USBC Certified Coach.

“It is truly a privilege to be a Storm staffer for 25 years, Brian said. The growth of Storm in the world's bowling marketplace is unbelievable. The best part about our company is the people. It is definitely 'The Bowler's Company.' Thanks to Bill and Barbara for keeping it that way.“

Brian’s Favorite Storm Ball - !Q Tour

JEFF RICHGELS – The Storm staff covers all levels of bowlers and one of the most accomplished PBA Regional players is Jeff Richgels from Oregon, Wisconsin. Jeff has been a member of the Storm staff since 1996 and has won titles in numerous bowling events all over the world.  He has 30 PBA Regional titles, 5 USBC Eagles, 2 Gold Medals for Team USA, and more than 100 titles in state and local tournaments. Jeff is a member of the USBC Hall of Fame (2011), the Wisconsin State Hall of Fame (2013) and the Madison Bowling Association Hall of Fame (2008).

When asked how he feels about Storm, Jeff replied, “When I think of my quarter century with Storm, the word that comes to mind is family. It has never felt like a business relationship to me. The Storm people are almost all bowlers, and I knew many of them from competing alongside them prior to my joining Storm, and in some cases prior to Storm even existing. I’ve always felt totally at ease communicating with the folks at Storm because of those relationships and because I know they knew what it was like to be a competitor. And I always felt like Storm was as interested in my success as I was, and knew I was interested in doing whatever I could to help the company grow and succeed. That extends to how Storm has understood that I am not just a bowler and have a non-bowling job that keeps me from having the freedom to do some things for Storm that I wish I could. I’m looking forward to being able to do more of those things in retirement in a few years!”

Jeff’s Favorite Storm Balls – Sentimental 1st win ball, Firestorm.  All-time Favorite - !Q Tour Pearl

CAROL NORMAN - Storm has always been a big supporter of ladies professional bowling and the longest female Storm member is Carol “Stormin” Norman. Carol, who is originally from Ardmore, Oklahoma but now resides in Houston, Texas has been a member of Team Storm for 24 years. Carol competed on the ladies’ professional tour for 20 years from 1982 to 2002 and captured 6 PWBA titles including the 1987 Women’s US Open. She is a member of the Oklahoma State Hall of Fame and the USBC Hall of Fame.

After Carol stopped competing professionally, she started working for Storm as a ball driller at the National Bowling Stadium during the USBC Open Championships and is now certified as an IBPSIA Certified Advanced ball driller.

“Did you say 20 years? Wow!”, Carol said when brought to her attention about her long tenure with Storm.  “I did the math, approximately 276 balls have been made by Storm since I joined in 1997. Not to mention, Roto Grip, 900 Global and all the international balls. At that time, Bill and Barbara were the ball reps for Storm. Not kidding. It’s been an awesome ride watching the company grow while being a part of it has been such a huge part of my life. They have supported women’s bowling from the start and helped bowlers like me to spend their lives working in the sport.”

Carol’s Favorite Storm Ball – My favorite Storm ball? That’s a tough one. There were so many. The X-Factor was probably my favorite but the IQ Gold was right there with it. I must give honorable mention on a ball I used my 1st year with the company called the Forest Fire. Loved that ball!”

CRAIG HARRINGTON - Very few people can say they were there when it all started, and Storm staffer Craig Harrington is one of them.  Craig is from Eagle Mountain, Utah and was one of the first bowlers to throw the very first Storm reactive bowling ball, the Teal Storm HSP.  Craig officially joined Team Storm in 2000 and has compiled numerous city and state titles including 2011 Peterson Classic, 1998 Mini Eliminator and is a member of the Utah State Hall of Fame.

When asked how he feels about Storm, he echoes a sentiment that we hear from many staffers.

“I cannot begin to express enough gratitude and love that I have for the staff, equipment, and experience that Storm has provided for me for the last 25 years,” Craig said.  “I have felt like one of the most blessed bowlers in the world! I truly believe that if it were not for Bill and Barbara Chrisman, as well as the Storm Staff, I would not have the titles and accolades that I have in bowling today. I consider it an extreme honor and privilege to represent Storm not only when I step foot into a bowling center, but in my everyday life as well. The experiences I have had with Team Storm have made a huge impact in my life; Storm is not just a company to me, it's family.”

Craig’s Favorite Storm Ball - The Teal Storm HSP. “This was the first line of reactive Storm balls Bill made. I had the privilege to be the first Utah bowler to throw this ball in the Utah State Bowling Tournament. Bill Chrisman was there to watch his masterpiece and future of new bowling balls. We had most of the house stopping to come watch this new ball hook beyond your wildest dreams. It was a joy to look back at the crowd around Bill who was smiling ear to ear.”

BRUCE HIMBERT - Another Hall of Famer with longevity on Team Storm is 26-year staffer, Bruce Himbert. Bruce lives in Metairie, Louisiana and was inducted into the Louisiana State Hall of Fame in 1992. He was a PBA member from 1985 to 2005 and was chosen to be on Team Storm by being ranked in the top 3 players in his region.  Bruce has numerous titles, 45 perfect games as well as 15 800 series with a high of 858.

One of the things that Bruce is most proud of is coaching the Brother Martin High School Bowling.  The team has made the final four 9 times with 4 championships (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019).

“Storm is the best Bowling Ball company on the market”, Bruce stated. “Calling it the Bowlers company is so true but one thing I must say is that everyone from Bill and Barbara at Storm, I consider not only friends but family. I feel like I was with them when Storm actually began and am honored to still be a part of this great company.”

Bruce’s Favorite Storm Ball – “This is a tough question! I haven’t thrown a Storm ball from the original Teal HSP to the last ball I’ve drilled before the pandemic, the Phaze III. If I have to answer one ball, it would be the X-Factor original that I shot 279-300-279 for 858. With 2 9 pins, that cost me possibly being perfect.”

PHIL PRIETO - When you think of nice guys in the sport of bowling, Phil Prieto is on the top of the list.  Phil hails from El Paso, Texas and has been with Team Storm for 24 years.  He has 7 PBA Regional titles and was chosen to be on staff from being the best in his region. In 1985, Phil was recognized by the ABC for high series in the nation with an 876 series (299, 288, 289). Compiling numerous titles and many achievements, he was inducted into the Texas State hall of Fame in 1996. His longevity in the sport continued with Phil being a member of Senior Team USA where he was a member of the Gold medal Team in 2009.

“I feel very privileged and honored to be a Storm staffer”, Phil said.  “They have fabulous products, supportive staff and great ownership.  I appreciate the staff and reps always willing to help.”

Phil’s Favorite Storm Ball – Virtual Gravity

KEVIN TABER - If there’s on characteristic that Storm looks for in bowlers, it’s loyalty and dedication to the sport. A true example of this is Kevin Taber from Toledo, Ohio.  Kevin has been on Team Storm for 27 years. In his most competitive years, Kevin was a star on the PBA Regional Tour winning 10 times including the National Resident Pro Championships in Hawaii in 1998. His team won the 1991 USBC Team All- Events titles at the Open Championships.

Kevin has numerous Toledo City titles (team, doubles, singles) and more than 50 other singles titles around the country. He owns 80 300 games (2 in the USBC Championships), 20 800 series and 9 PBA 300 games.

Kevin is the youngest person to be inducted into the Greater Toledo Bowling Hall of Fame and is also a member of the Toledo YABA and the Ohio State Bowling Hall of Fame.

Currently, Kevin is the Head Coach of the Bowling Green University Bowling team. He started the program 8 years ago with no funding.  The Club has won more than 30 tournaments on both the men’s and women’s teams with trips to the ITC’s in 2015.  In 2018, they won the Club National Women’s Championships in Smyrna, TN. The women’s team has been ranked as high as 14th and he brought the men’s team their 1st top 20 ranking last season.

“To be able to share my experiences with these kids through bowling and to teach them the sport that I loved the most and also to see them succeed not only in bowling but life in general, “ Kevin said when asked about his coaching experience.

“What a decision I made back in 1994-95 to sign with Storm”, said Kevin. “Storm was up and coming back then and look where we are now! The best bowling company in the world! What an honor to represent Storm. I cannot say and give enough thanks to Bill and Barb Chrisman for that they have done to create the best ball company in the world! Also, to all the employees who make this all happen and what they have done for me over all these years to make my job in representing a great company such as Storm so easy to do! Thank you to everyone!”

Kevin’s Favorite Storm Ball – Thunder Road Pearl




Youth Spotlight: Katelyn Abigania

Name: Katelyn Abigania

Age: 12

Hometown: San Diego, California

Home Bowling Center: Sea & Air Lanes in Naval Air Station Coronado, San Diego

Favorite Storm Bowling Ball(s): Currently: Storm PhysiX All-Time Fav: Storm !Q Tour Nano

Sometimes you meet young athletes who just strike you as wise beyond their years. Miss Katelyn Abigania, age 12, is one of those young bowlers who we’ve watched compete in events across the United States and handles herself like a little pro on and off the lanes.

After taking home the U12 Girls Junior Gold title in 2018, Katelyn didn’t stop working hard. We witnessed Katelyn’s determination at the 2019 Storm Youth Championships in Las Vegas where she battled a wrist injury from an accident while competing in the event. She finished 194 pins ahead of the rest of the girls in the U12 field to capture the title and earn a spot on the Storm All-American Team. She has also won several JBT (The Junior Bowlers Tour) titles and was named 2018-19 Girls Scratch All-Conference Bowler of the Year. In addition, she earned the California State Pepsi Championship title in her division.

In June, Katelyn was invited to be a guest for “Little Champions Week” on Live with Kelly and Ryan. She was flown to New York City where she got to explore the city for the first time, give Kelly and Ryan some lessons live on air, and show off her skills on the lanes that they built for the TV show. Katelyn said this experience was truly a once in a lifetime experience for her and she was honored to be chosen to represent youth bowlers on the show.

“I hope to inspire all the bowling fans and their families for the future of bowling.” Katelyn said.

This summer, Katelyn and her family traveled to Detroit to defend her U12 Girls Junior Gold title. Katelyn said this title felt harder to capture and she felt her abilities were put to the extreme. She led qualifying after Day 1 of qualifying and never dropped below second through the cut to match play. In match play, Katelyn was sent to the elimination bracket after her second match and battled back to earn the #3 seed for the U12 Girls TV Finals which aired on CBS Sports.  Katelyn bowled a 196 game in the championship match to win back-to-back U12 Girls titles and earn the scholarship.

In addition, Katelyn also competed in the USA Bowling competition. Katelyn teamed up with her friends and fellow SYC Champions, Sebastian Huffman, Avery Domaguin and Elias O’Hollaren to create the “SDLV Strikers” team. These youth bowlers bowled lots of baker matches throughout the week and qualified for the U12 TV finals which aired on CBS Sports on August 20 where they faced DKJ Pro Shop. The Strikers battled and earned the team victory. Katelyn says this is one of her favorite parts of her summer!

In the future, Katelyn hopes to bowl as a collegiate bowler, represent Team USA and bowl on the PWBA Tour someday. She'll be bowling in the U15 Girls Division in the upcoming Storm Youth Championships taking place the last weekend of August in Wichita. The event will be livestreamed on the Storm Bowling Facebook channel.


We think that Katelyn is well on her way to chase her dreams.


Youth Spotlight: Caroline Thesier

Name: Caroline Thesier

Age: 17

Hometown: Mooresville, North Carolina

Home Bowling Center: Victory Lanes

Favorite Pro Bowler: Kelly Kulick

One of the brightest and hardest working young athletes we have seen in a long time, Miss Caroline Thesier is truly having a memorable 2019. In January, she was selected to Junior Team USA from her performance at the Team USA Trials in Las Vegas. In March, she won her second Storm Youth Championship (SYC) title in Rohnert Park, California. At home in North Carolina, she won three Tough Shot Tour titles and was named Bowler of the Year in May. She traveled to Smyrna, TN for Memorial Day weekend and finished second overall in the U20 Division at the Music City SYC. After that she traveled to Junior Team USA camp in Texas where she said she got to know her other teammates and built a special bond with them.

Caroline went straight from Junior Camp to Florida for Teen Masters where she had another impressive runner-up finish. As soon as she finished in Florida, Caroline, her brother Nate and her dad Jack drove home to North Carolina to pick up her mom and then continued their summer travels to Detroit for Junior Gold.

Caroline’s week in Detroit was solid from start to finish and she was never lower than 18th place and qualified 3rd for the U17 TV show which aired on CBS Sports. In the title match, Caroline bowled 265 to take home the title and a $4000 scholarship.

When asked what the highlight of her action packed summer was, Caroline said,

“The highlight of my summer had to be either Team USA Camp or winning Junior Gold. Both of them were so amazing, I can’t decide!”

After a celebratory family trip to Disney World, she came home and won the first Tough Shots Tour event of their season in Durham, NC. Caroline is entered in the last two SYCs this year in Wichita and Myrtle Beach so we can assume more titles might be added to her growing resume.


It appears that there’s no stopping Caroline this year!

2019 SYC Tour Heads To Las Vegas

In less than two weeks, more than 200 youth bowlers will be heading to Las Vegas for the first Storm Youth Championships event of 2019!

The Storm Youth Championships were created in in 2017 with two events in Reno and Myrtle Beach. These events were designed to be a weekend of learning, competition and fun for the whole family! After a successful first year, we added two additional events in 2018 visiting Nashville and Fort Worth. The SYC Tour will have a total of six events in 2019.

2019 SYC Schedule:

 Feb. 15-17, 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

 Mar. 22-24, 2019 - Rohnert Park, CA

 May 24-26, 2019 - Smyrna, TN

 June 28-30, 2019 - Lincoln, NE

 Aug. 30 – Sept. 1, 2019 - Wichita, KS

 Oct. 4-6, 2019 - Shallotte, NC

The SYC tournaments are small, three-day events where our Storm team works hard to interact with all of the youth bowlers and families. Each SYC tournament has multiple rounds on different lane patterns created by Kegel to challenge the youth bowlers. We crown the top three bowlers in each gender and age-based division for each round with bronze, silver and gold medals. At the conclusion of the tournament we award trophies and medals to the overall champions.

Each year, we hold our major event which this year will take place in Las Vegas where we award the top two overall youth bowlers in each division with a spot on the Storm All-American Team.  These 12 kids earn a custom All-American jersey and jacket provided by our official SYC jersey company, Logo Infusion.

2018 Storm All-American Team

The SYC is more than just tournament.

We kick off each event with registration, learning seminars with our Storm and Roto Grip Pro Staff, a practice session where bowlers can get tips from the pros and our Tour Reps, and a Friday night SYC social.  The SYC bowlers and their families have told us they love the casual atmosphere, getting to know the pros, and hanging out with the Storm Team.

Charity is a very special part of the SYC. Each event supports Ballard vs the Big “C” in numerous ways.  We take $10 from each entry and make a donation to BVBC. On-site at each SYC, Carolyn and Del Ballard bring silent auction items for the SYC families to bid on. Sometimes our families donate their own baskets to help raise more funds. Some of the bowlers have decided to host their own fundraisers at home for BVBC and bring their donations to present to the Ballards at the next SYC they attend.

Since 2017, we have raised more than $50,000 to help fight the war on cancer through the SYC.

We are very proud to award scholarships to our top finishers and in just six events, we have awarded more than $104,000 to the SYC bowlers and look forward to increasing that number in 2019.

The vision for the SYC began as a way to give back to the bowling community, educate youth bowlers, and invite the whole family to participate. Our events wouldn’t be possible without the support of the staff of each host bowling center and the families in each community that we have visited.

Here’s what some of our SYC bowlers had to say about the event:

“What I like best about the SYC is that I get to bowl, meet new people and make new friends from all over the world. I love the seminars where I learn more about the sport. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t love the social gatherings at the SYC…the mini golf, the beach party and the BBQ. They are all a blast!” - Harley Shene, CA


“My favorite thing about the SYC is definitely the level of competition and challenging patterns at each event!  I also really love getting to meet new people from all over the country.” – Caroline Thesier, NC

“Storm Youth Championship events are awesome! They offer young bowlers of all skill levels an opportunity to compete   in great facilities on challenging conditions. Plus, the events involve a lot more than just a tournament - they are a complete bowling experience! There are workshops and fun family activities where you can make new friends and learn lots of good information about equipment and how to improve your physical and mental game performance. I personally like the on-lane sessions with the pros and hearing how they figure out which ball to throw and how to throw it! Also, the chance to interact with the Storm/Roto Grip technical staff is something I look forward to at each event because they are always willing to provide guidance and support to help me improve my game! Thank you Storm Bowling for creating the SYC and helping grow the sport of bowling through the youth of America.” – Mabel Cummins, IL

This tournament would not be possible without the generous support of our additional sponsors, Logo Infusion, Turbo 2-N-1 Grips, Kegel, 3G Shoes.

To follow along with the SYC updates and excitement, please check out the Storm Jr Facebook page. If you are interested in becoming a supporting sponsor of the Storm Youth Championships or would like more information, please visit the SYC page or email Leanne Hulsenberg at


Champions Named at 2018 SYC Coastal Classic

Hurricane Michael tried to derail our return trip to the Myrtle Beach area, but Mother Nature gave us a reprieve and the SYC went on as planned.  190 youth bowlers and their families attended the SYC Coastal Classic on October 12-14 and the event was held in 2 bowling centers, Little River Lanes in Little River, South Carolina and Planet Fun in Shallotte, North Carolina.

The SYC weekend kicked off with “Friday Funday” filled with registration, ball pick-up (each SYC entry included a Storm Son!Q bowling ball), a Q&A with the Storm Pro Staff, practice sessions and concluded with the popular SYC Beach Party in Ocean Isle, NC.  The awesome staff at Planet Fun hosted a delicious BBQ for our SYC families while the bowlers met new friends, collected shells, played frisbee, corn hole and other games on a beautiful evening at the beach.

On Saturday morning, competition kicked off at our two host centers. The field was split into two squads and all competitors bowled 8 games at their starting center. When bowling was complete, the families had time to explore the community and since Myrtle Beach is the mini golf capital of the world, Storm decided to host the SYC Mini Golf Challenge on Saturday night.  This fun event gave kids time to get to know each other off the lanes and form new friendships.

All bowlers were back on the lanes Sunday morning for their second block of 8 games. Kegel, one of our SYC sponsors, builds the lane patterns for all of our Storm Youth Championships. The Little River Lanes oil pattern proved to be the higher scoring of the two patterns and Tyrell Ingalls kicked off the day with games of 266-269-276 for a nice 811 set. In addition, Silas Lira, Anthony Godwin and Bryce Oliver rolled exciting 300 games at Little River Lanes on Sunday.

At the completion of 16 games, we awarded medals for the top three competitors in the 6 age and gender-based divisions for each bowling center.  Additionally, we awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals for the top three overall medalists and trophies and champion banner for the overall champions in each division.

The Little River medalists were: U12 Girls - Kayla Starr (gold), Kaitlyn Stull (silver), Caylin Campbell (bronze). U12 Boys - Keegan Alexander (gold), Henry Hind (silver), Jared Burgio (bronze). U15 Girls - Jillian Martin (gold), Karina Capron (silver), Annalise O’Bryant (bronze).  U15 Boys Brandon Bohn (gold), Alexander Horton (silver), Rylan Breese (bronze). U20 Girls - Jenna Williams (gold), Caroline Thesier (silver), Gillian Moore (bronze). U20 Boys -  Spencer Robarge (gold), Tyrell Ingalls (silver), Bryce Oliver (bronze).

The Planet Fun medalists were: U12 Girls Kaitlyn Stull (gold), Kayla Starr (silver), Caylin Campbell (bronze). U12 Boys - Nathan Thesier (gold), Keegan Alexander (silver), Henry Hind (bronze). U15 Girls Jillian Martin (gold), Kelsey Cummings (silver), Victoria Varano (bronze).  U15 Boys Joshua Collins (gold), Rylan Breese (silver), Hayden Tarris (bronze).  U20 Girls - Kamerin Peters (gold), Amanda Naujokas (silver), Jenna Williams (bronze). U20 Boys - Bryce Oliver (gold), Justin Bohn (silver), Spencer Robarge (bronze).

The SYC Champions were those bowlers who scored the most total pins at both bowling centers. In the U12 Girls division, Kayla Starr from Maryland earned her first SYC victory with a 112 pin victory over silver medalist, Kaitlyn Stull from North Carolina. The bronze medal went to Caylin Campbell from Georgia.  The U12 Boys champion was Keegan Alexander from New York, who finished 233 pins ahead of silver medalist Henry Hind from Tennessee.    The bronze medal went to Nathan Thesier from North Carolina.

In the U15 Girls division, Jillian Martin from Ohio captured back-to-back SYC victories as she won the SYC Music City Championships in May as well as the Coastal Classic.  Silver medal in the U15G went to Annalise O’Bryant from Georgia and the bronze medal went to Kelsey Cummings from North Carolina. The U15 Boys division was a very competitive one! Brandon Bohn from New Jersey came away with the victory over silver medalist Rylan Breese from North Carolina.  Brandon averaged 222 for the 16 games. The bronze medal went to Joshua Collins from Georgia.

The U20 Girls was another tight race where Jenna Williams from Florida earned her second SYC title with a 26 pin victory over silver medalist Kamerin Peters from New Jersey. The U20G bronze medal went to last year’s U15G winner Amanda Naujokas from New York.  In the U20 Boys division, Bryce Oliver, from Ohio averaged 240 for 16 games and took home the SYC first place trophy. The silver medal went to 3-Time SYC Champion, Spencer Robarge, from Missouri and the bronze medal went to Tyrell Ingalls from Georgia.

The Storm Youth Championships awarded a total of $17,755.00 in scholarships to the youth bowlers.  The SYC charity of choice, Ballard vs the Big C, was also a winner at our event.  BVBC raises funds for continued research in cancer treatment, specifically in head, neck, and throat cancer through the sport of bowling. BVBC also raises money for nutritional supplements and treatments for those going through the cancer journey. The SYC donated $10 from each entry ($1900.00) for BVBC and another $1536.00 was also collected by Carolyn Dorin Ballard’s raffle items at the BVBC table.  Our SYC bowlers continue to give back to their local communities and don’t stop raising funds for BVBC when the event is complete. Joey Ocello, of New Jersey, ran his own BVBC event in his hometown and brought a $1460 donation to the Coastal Classic to present to the Ballards.  Thanks again to Joey! Our official jersey sponsor, Logo Infusion also donates a portion of each SYC jersey sold and contributed an additional $1035 for a grand total of $5931.00 for Ballard vs the Big C.

Our final stop on the 2018 SYC Tour will be held at City View Lanes in Fort Worth, Texas on November 30 through December 2, 2018. 180 youth bowlers will compete for the SYC trophy, medals, scholarships, and new champions banner. For more information on the SYC, please check the Storm website SYC page -

This tournament would not be possible without the generous support of our additional sponsors, Logo Infusion, Turbo 2-N-1 Grips, Kegel, 3G Shoes.



Team Storm Earn Medals at PABCON Senior Championships

Six Team Storm members, including Coach Bill Spigner, and their teammates took home 8 gold medals and 18 overall medals in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the 2018 Pan American Bowling Federation Senior Championships.

Storm Staff members on the men’s team included returning Sr. Team USA member, Lennie Boresch Jr, Steve Badovinac, and Warren Eales.

“I am honored tremendously to wear the Red, White, and Blue for the USA,"  Badovinac said. "Being asked by your teammate and Hall of Famer to get two strikes in 10th to shut out Canada for the Gold is awesome and then executing two great shots to win the Gold is Priceless."

Badovinac, of Parker, Colorado, picked up five medals including gold medals in doubles, trios and team, silver in all-events, and bronze in the Masters competition. Badovinac found success using a pin down, no hole Code Black at 1000 grit surface and a pin up, no hole Code Black at 2000 surface. He also used a pin down, no hole Intense Fire at 2000 grit surface.

"Bigger than any of that was the true emotional camaraderie between all the countries," Badovinac said. "My ability to speak Spanish as a second language and having grown up in Puerto Rico made the communication seamless. My good friend Lennie Boresch said, 'I have never hugged so many people in my life in one week of bowling.' Team USA did more off the lanes to be proud of and I am humbled and I thank God every day for all he has done for me and through me, I am grateful through the awesome sport of bowling I can serve others in Christ."

Eales, from Chandler, Arizona and recently won a PBA50 event in Florida this year, took home 4 medals, with golds coming in doubles, trios and team event as well as a silver in the Masters competition.

"Being a part of Team USA and the success the team had just added to what has already been an incredible year (really past four months) for me," Eales said." In late April I won the first PBA50 event of the year in New Port Richey (Phaze II, HyRoad Nano), a month later I bowled USBC Nationals in Syracuse and posted what would eventually win the Bowlers Journal Senior Singles and Doubles events (Sure Lock) and now 3 golds and a silver medal at PABCON as a member of Team USA.  I'm living the dream, don't wake me up!”

4-time PBA Champion Boresch, from Kenosha, Wisconsin  picked up 3 gold medals as well, winning team, trios and all-events, and added a silver in singles for a total of 4 medals in the event.

"Bowling Pabcon for Team USA was a completely different experience from bowling individual PBA events," Boresch said. "The sportsmanship aspect was much more visible and the camaraderie was stronger between the other teams. Because of the smaller playing field, we got to know the competitors much faster. New, friendships were quickly built. While everyone is competing for the gold medal everyone around us was rooting each other on."

The Team USA Women were dominant as well, winning 10 medals overall.  Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colorado, picked up 2 silvers, one in all-events and one in team with her teammates, Sharon Powers, Luci Sandelin, and Paula Vidad. The trio of Johnson, Powers, and Sandelin earned a gold medal for Team USA.

Vidad, a Storm staffer from Sun City, California, earned 2 medals during the week using a Storm Phaze II, Code X, and Intense Fire at 1,000 grit.  She earned a gold medal with Sandelin in doubles and silver in the team event.

"It was such an honor to represent the USA since we haven't had a senior team participate since 2009," Vidad said. "Wearing red, white and blue ALWAYS makes you stand a little taller and straighter! I guess 'proud' would be the best description."

In addition to competition, Vidad enjoyed exploring Canada with her teammates.

"As a team we ventured to downtown Calgary on the train, walked around, ate dinner and went to the top of the Calgary Tower. What a beautiful city!" Vidad said. "Also a few of us went to the Olympic Center, Lake Louise, Banff and went 5 pin bowling! It was a wonderful experience!"

We're so proud of these staffers representing Team USA and Storm Products on and off the lanes. Congratulations to all of those who earned medals throughout the week.

Team Storm and Roto Grip Ladies Ready for Richmond

As the 2018 PWBA season winds down with one last event, the Team Storm and Team Roto Grip ladies are raring to go for the Tour Championship in Richmond, Virginia on September 16.

After 13 events, our staffers have acquired 5 wins (3 coming in the last month), 26 top 5 finishes, and 45 top 10s on the remarkably talented PWBA Tour.

Danielle McEwan, Liz Johnson, Bryanna Cote, Rocio Restrepo, Kelly Kulick, and Lindsay Boomershine will head to Richmond feeling rested and ready for one last chance at coveted title in the unique Tour Championship season finale.

DANIELLE MCEWAN-  As the #2 ranked bowler on the PWBA, her year has been solid from start to finish and she’s not slowing down.  After a third place finish in the Players Championship, she headed home for a full week (a rare thing for Danielle) to rest and recharge and is headed to Sweden for the Lucky Larsen Masters tournament.

HIGHLIGHT– “The highlight of my summer so far has been winning in Fountain Valley. At the beginning of the season, my grandma was sick and in and out of the hospital. This was obviously very difficult as myself, my mom, and my grandma are very close. My win in Fountain Valley was the day before Mother’s Day, so even though a win alone would be a highlight for the summer, the fact I was able to dedicate it for them and have my grandma home to watch on the computer really made it so much more special,” McEwan said.

FITNESS– “Once I knew the change in schedule that would take place this season, I knew I would have to increase my fitness routine to be ready. In the few weeks before the season started, I doubled everything that I normally do, which would put my body in the situation that I would be in every weekend, competing for 10+ hours a day. I would wake up in the morning and go to the gym and do cardio, then I would go practice all afternoon. I would then take a break and eat and then go back to the gym at night and lift. I did a ton of work in the gym focusing on my legs, back, and core. I saw such a different in my performance in those first few events because of this. In the past, after a long day on the lanes, I would feel a little sore or tired in my legs or back. After competing 30 games in a weekend, I felt fine and was ready to go. The one thing I would like to improve on next year would be how to maintain this during the season. Obviously once the season started, I was not able to keep up with this grueling of a training schedule. So, on the flip side, I felt it at the end of the season when my body started getting that sore and tired feeling back.”

DANIELLE’S EQUIPMENT– “Some of my favorite balls this summer have been the Sure Lock, Code Black, Show Off, and Hyroad Nano. My win in Fountain Valley was with the Sure Lock. Mike DeVaney had the idea to drill it going into day two of competition and it worked perfectly. The Show Off was the ball that helped me lead in Connecticut and make the show in Louisville. The Code Black and Hyroad Nano were two of my benchmarks for almost every event throughout the season.”

LIZ JOHNSON- After having captured 2 titles in the month of August, Liz Johnson will head to Sweden for the Lucky Larsen Masters to stay at a competitive level before the Tour Championship.  "I’ll have a few days at home when I return from Sweden before I drive to Richmond and I will clean up my equipment and choose my arsenal for the tournament."

HIGHLIGHT- “The highlight of my summer so far was winning the Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles with EJ Tackett.  I have bowled the event for 17 years, finished second twice and really look forward to it each year.  One of my very best friends, Donna Conners does an amazing job all year to make this event the most popular with all of the bowlersand it was very special to win it finally.”

LIZ’S EQUIPMENT- “The balls I threw the most this summer were my trusty IQ Tours, my Phaze II, Idol, and Intense Fire the last few weeks. I won the Luci Doubles throwing an Idol on one lane and the Hustle Ink on the other”, she added about her arsenal.

BRYANNA COTÉ– With 3 TV final appearances including 2 as the #1 seed, 2018 has been a career best for Bryanna.  “The highlight of my summer was winning the 10K Challenge and making it back to the Tour Championship. Between now and the Tour Championship, I’ll be at home bowling some local tournaments on sport conditions and spending time in the gym to get ready,” she said.  Being strong and fit is a big key on the PWBA where the format includes 18 games a day at some tournaments.  “Weightlifting and cardio are keys to maintaining the stamina to bowling 16-18 games in one day. If my body wasn't physically strong enough to endure those long days, I would be done before even starting,” Coté said.

BRY’S EQUIPMENT– “My favorite ball of the summer was the Roto Grip Hyper Cell Fused. I drilled three of them, all with difference purposes. To me, this ball can be utilized for many conditions. I have a pin down one with surface for fresh conditions, then a pin up with surface to ball down to when the pin down reads too early. And finally, I have a shiny pin down one that I’m able to use when the lanes break down later in the blocks. My most recent favorite is the Roto Grip Winner. I used this at the PWBA Player's Championships on some tough conditions and it allowed me to be left and provided enough down lane motion to continue through the pins."

OFF THE LANES FUN– “My roommate, Sydney Brummett, and I had a lot of fun. We went to Sea World in Orlando, shopping at outlets and of course, fun just being ourselves in our hotel room. With the long days, you must make sure you have fun and not let bad thoughts cross your mind, especially if bowling didn't go as planned. Try to leave it on the lanes and move on to something else. Retail therapy is my favorite!”

ROCIO RESTREPO – The grueling schedule of the PWBA Tour can certainly take a toll on even the fittest athletes.  Rocio had a couple challenging weeks in the middle of the season that tested her fortitude. She started feeling run down and weak and spent some days off in the hospital.  After her trip home to Colombia and regaining her strength, she captured the PWBA Twin Cities Open in week 11, backed that up with another TV show the next week in Columbus and ended with a solid 13thplace finish at the Players Championship.  She has strength and momentum heading into Richmond.

HIGHLIGHT– “Highlight of my season was coming back from a devastating 4 last weeks of the regular events and putting together a good performance although I was spending my days off at the hospital. I did not know I had that kind of strength and it put my whole bowling career into perspective. I found a player I did not know I had.”

ROCIO’S EQUIPMENT– “My favorite balls this summer were the Idol, Code Red, Hyper Cell Fused and the Halo.”

FITNESS– “One thing I learned is don’t overdo it on the days we have off. That was a bad idea for me. I tried practicing too much and working out. I did not get my rest. I do believe cardio is important but staying strong and just maintaining it while competing by just going through the motions and stretching and sleeping while you can.”

OFF THE LANES FUN– “The most fun I had was being able to go home and see my parents and compete for my country.  Also, being able to come back and win on a pattern I had never made a show on was the highlight of my career.”

KELLY KULICK – There’s something to be said for peaking at the right time and Kelly is doing just that. Last week’s performance at the Players Championship was her best showing of the year and if the pins had fallen a little differently, she might have just brought that trophy home to New Jersey but proudly settled for a respectable 2nd place finish. “It’s the best I bowled on TV in a long time and I left nothing on the table,” Kelly said.

KELLY’S EQUIPMENT– “2 balls I used a lot this season were the Code X and Intense Fire. The Code X was smooth and continuous for me while the Intense Fire was clean and provided a strong motion in the back portion of the lane. I also was impressed with the Idol. I would really like to drill more of them and will always carry one in my arsenal. I still have some old favorites. The Phaze 2 is still a ball I have faith and trust in. Finally, the Hustle Ink. Such a great ball for its price point. Nice to have a higher RG with solid cover that hits.”

FITNESS – “I don't mind longer formats, I just need more recovery time due to my age. Physically, I am the strongest I've ever been. I plan to find more nutrient options while bowling (example: energy gels for bicyclists, oatmeal, BCAA, carb loading).  Many times, I ate healthy during competition but lacked more carbs for energy. I worry about weight gain, but I need to sacrifice to have the strength and energy to compete. Also, more recovery tools...aka, stretching, Epsom salt in baths after qualifying, more vitamin intake, and again, food consumption.”

DISAPPOINTMENTS– “I still miss sharing my highs and lows with my mother. She was my one phone call every time I was done. Hearing her voice kept me calm and put life in perspective. I miss her. It wasn't a great season in terms of performance, but I truly believe we are always learning and can apply it to future experiences. I will work harder this year to be prepared for the 2019 season.”

LINDSAY BOOMERSHINE- With 3 Top 5 finishes in 2018 along with many ups and downs, the roller coaster continued for Lindsay when she had a huge week at the Players Championship, leading qualifying, making the show and finishing 5th but falling one spot short of the Tour Championship.  But 2 days later, she received a call from PWBA Tournament Director, Tennelle Milligan only to say that Shayna Ng, from Singapore declined her spot in the season ender which allowed Lindsay the final position and now she’s headed to Richmond.

HIGHLIGHT– “Making 3 shows and growing as a player and a person. Having my son Aiden has made me look at things in a different way. I hope he watches my shows and says I want to love what I do and be as successful as my mother. Plus, I made the Tour Championship after all!”

EQUIPMENT– “My most important balls this summer were the Code X, Dare Devil Danger, Intense Fire, Dare Devil Trick, Dare Devil, Phaze II. Storm and Roto Grip have the best line of equipment to allow me to perform my best!”

MOTIVATION– “Looking back and reflecting on this season has been amazing! My son, husband, and just extreme motivation thrive me for success. I believe in myself more than ever!”

For more information about the upcoming PWBA events visit and be sure to watch the ladies LIVE from Richmond on Bowl TV.